Komplettlösung Time Gate

At the beginning of the game go inside the museum. Go inside the room where the Japanese television is filming. Take the headphones. Go to the opposite room. Take the sword and the shield. Look at the big picture on the wall. It will tell you a story about yourself. Open the door to the right. You are now in the ticket office. Take the remote control catapult. Take the compact disc. Switch on the terminal, you will need to put the plug in the wall on the right side. Use the compact disc. Now you can go to the next room. Go into the Curator's office. Search in the drawer. You'll find a key, a magnetic card and a magazine (read it). Return in the museum but be carreful because the alarm system is on. When you are walking on your knees just avoid the laser beams.

You have to walk close to the furniture. You're back to the entry hall. Take the screwdriver in the toolbox and use it on the closed door across the hallway. Enter the room and take the CO2 fire extinguisher in the far corner of the room. Leave this room and use the key to open the Control box. Disable the alarm by using the CO2 fire extinguisher on the control box. Now you can enter the next room leading to the outside garden. Careful of the alarm system. A knight will appear as soon as you enter the room. Use the sword or fight with your hands to kill him. Watch out for the laser beams. Use the magnetic card on the showcase on the left and take the ammo for your small catapult. Use the remote-controlled catapult.

Drive it to the room with the white laser beams and shoot at the red button to deactivate the alarm. You have to avoid the little points on the floor until you are facing the alarm switch. Wait for the message telling you can shoot to be displayed. Use the ammunition and shoot. Alarm is off. Switch off the remote-controlled catapult, it is nolonger needed. Go into the room and take the sword. Go outside in the garden (cloister) where you have to find the 'hologramme'. Fight the knight. You will be thrown down the well after being captured by two men.

The Cells In 1329

Take the lute and throw it towards the opposite prisoner (Berwal). Berwal will play and attract the guard's attention. When the guard is in front of you punch him. Berwal will then throw you the key to open your cell. Take the sword and kill the guard who will leave a key for you to pick up. Go inside the open room (you will find a wine bottle). Use the key to open the gate. Go up the stairs, don't move and let the old blind man walk in front of you. Search the fire place and pick up the key to open the door next to the fire place (opposite the stairs). Mind the sheep! Take the sheep skin and the shepherd's stick. In the next room take the piece of ham, the bottle and bucket which you need to fill with water in the other room. Put out the fire in the fire place with the bucket of water. Search and climb inside the chimney.

Under the Roof

Use the sheep skin to jump silently from one side to the other. Go to the left. When you are above the old man's bedroom, use the stick to take his frock. Go Left. In the next room, turn right to the dead-end. Descend the stairway on the left side.


Ground Floor

Search the iron cage and take the book 'The Knight's Song' and the hologramme. (Do not 'push' the cage). Push the big golden cross, it is a secret passage.

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Time Gate

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