Komplettlösung The Vampire Diaries

Day 1

Talk to Bonnie and your aunt. You'll meet Mr. Smith, the new biology teacher. Turn to left, there's a display case. Look at it. Take the key on the glass. Go through the archway behind your aunt to the front room. Talk to Mikhail Romanoff and Caroline, your long kind friend. Learn that she's jealous about you. Go back to the main room and go through the archway on the right side. Talk to Mr. Richard and Mrs. Flowers. Notice that Mr. Smith has an interest in supernatural. Keep on talking to everybody until around 10 pm. Suddenly, there's a shout from the back room. Your sister, Margareth, has been attacked by a strange creature. At the hospital, talk to your aunt about Margareth. Then talk to Caroline. Finally talk to Stefan. Talk to him again to say goodbye and you should be at home. End of Day 1.

Day 2

Look at the dresser. Open the valentine card from Matt, your boyfriend. Look under the cabinet on the right side of your bed. Pick up the feather. Look at the jewelry box on top of it. Try to open it. Hmm, locked. Look at your sister's drawing near the box. Look, maybe Margaret knows where the key is. Open the cabinet drawer on the left side of your bed. Look at everything. Then look at the table with a phone on it. Look around. Go out and up to attic (it's the door in front of you). Open the old chest. Get the mortar. Look around and notice that pole! Look behind it. Get the lapis ring. Go down the stair to the living room. Read the paper under the carpet. Read the article about the ancient dagger. Open the cupboard near the door.

Get the candle in it. Go to the back room. Open the cabinet under the stair. Look at the X-mas box. Get the matches under the X-mas lamp. Open the other box. Get the black candle. Now, go out from your house. It's time to explore the town. Go to the hospital. Talk to your aunt. Ask about Margaret condition. Talk to Stefan. Follow him to the lobby. Talk to him again. Choose: 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1. You'll learn about druids, ring of fire and the dark side of Stefan. He's a vampire. Talk with your aunt again. This time ask about the key of your jewelry box and the dagger. Choose: 2, 2, 1, 1, 1. The key will be automatically in your inventory. Go to Gary's house. Talk to Bonnie. Ask about the druids. She told you to go to the library to read his family's journal. Look around. Try to open the door near Bonnie by pulling a cord above the door.

You'll be thrown out by Gary. Then go to the library. Look at the catalog book. Talk to Mrs. Grimesby. Ask her about the druids and why she didn't come yesterday. Then, browse the bookshelves to find this books: The Tale of the Druids (on the left top of the third bookshelf from the left), The Owls, Candle's Craft, The Herbs, Fells church Folklore (read the story about the Chamber's love affair) and The Diaries (on the bookshelf near the exit door). Talk again to Mrs. Grimesby, this time ask her about the rune. Then read the book of rune on the third bookshelf from the left (write down the symbol and its meaning, you'll need it later on). Then enter the school via the connecting door. Look at the display case that shows the uniform.

If you hangin' around a little bit longer at this case, a security will talk to you. Find out about Damon and the display's key. Browse around the lab and the hallway. No luck, maybe tonight will be better. Go to the Art Gallery. Talk to Caroline. Ask her about the rune and the dagger. Notice the rune at the corner in the next room. Try to buy it from Caroline. Hm, not working. Go out and visit the Boarding House. Get the shovel. Then visit the church. Talk Mrs. Grimesby at the cemetery ground. Learn about the druid and Caroline's activity in the cemetery from her. Go to the old church. Look at the broken gate on the left. Take the spearhead. Enter the church. Move to altar. Read the book about pan pipe on the bench in front of the altar.

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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 11/1996

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