Day 3: Komplettlösung The Vampire Diaries

Then go home. Enter your room. Use the silver key to open the jewelry box. Get the silver ring. Go to the hospital. Report your finding to Stefan. Go to Gary's house (it should be at night now). Look at the right gargoyle. Take the key from its mouth. Use the key to open the door. Go upstair. Touch the bookshelf. A secret door will be opened. Enter the secret room. Get the yellow statue. Now go to the door you couldn't enter earlier. Pull the cord and enter. This time there's no Gary in there. Use the statue to block the trapdoor in front of the door. Get in. Turn right. Touch the picture. You'll be transported to the gallery. Go straight accross. Touch the dragon statue on the right display case. You'll hear a click sound.

Turn right and look beside the tree. Open the panel and get in. Go down the secret stair to the dagger's case. Look at the writing on the bottom of the case. Push: circle, half moon, triangle, square, and star (the key is: push the picture with fewer sides to pictures with most sides). Get the dagger. Go out. You'll meet Mr. Smith on the way out. Choose: 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1. Now go to the school. Break the door with the spearhead. Enter the school hall. When you hear a foorstep coming to you, hide beside the glasscase with a uniform in it (the one near the door to the library). Just click at the stool on its left side. After the sound disappeared, walk into the lab. Open the drawer under the microscope. Get the small key. Go back to the main hall. Use the small key to unlock the display case. Take the Gray's uniform cap. Then sneak out and go home. Take a nap.

Day 3

Go to the church. Remember the folklore about Chamber and his lover? Find the big white tomb near chamber's grave. Click the tomb for closer look. Use the shovel with the tombstone. When the ghost appears, show the cap. After a dramatic sequence, use the shovel again to dig the tomb (use it on the tombstone). Take the gold coin. Go inside the church now. Go to the altar. Turn around. Do you see the glass window with a picture of a golden key? Click on it for a closer look. Take a gold key from under the window (on the bottom right). Now turn to left and enter the archway. Climb down the stair. Open the casket in front of you.

Use the spearhead to open the statue. Climb down to the secret tomb. Inside this room you'll do the ceremony later on, see the floor with some picture on it. That's the place for the ritual. Now just go straight to the stair. Climb down. Look at the statue in front of you. Click for a closer look. Use the gold key with the keyhole on the right side of the statue to open the door. Enter. Look at the bird statue. Another easy puzzle. Push the picture in this order: flower, bug, lizard, snake, and finally the owl (remember the food chain in biology class, now it's the time to use it). Read the ritual book. Memorize the way to do the ritual. Hmm, you still don't have the rune and the vervain Go back up to the cemetary.

Talk to Mrs. Flowers. Ask her about the vervain. Trade the vervain with the mortar. Now go to the art gallery. Hey, that's Mikhail Romanoff. Talk with him and offer the gold coin in place of the rune. Go to the Gary's house to talk to Bonnie. She's very happy now that you've found the rune. She'll do a reading on you. After that, she'll give you the runes. Now you've all the ingredients needed to do the ritual. Ooooops, we forget about the Ring of Fire. Ok, now wait till the day turn to night. Visit the cemetary. Your head will be dizzy and Mrs. Flowers will take you home. You lost the ring and the lapis.

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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 11/1996

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