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This is by no means intended as a sequential walkthrough, but as a reference for when you get hopelessly stuck. These hints are divided into sections for Emp/Tel flaskbacks, followed by a section on the Bar area itself. I'll assume you check your vidmail when your message light blinks.

Note - time spent in the Bar is critical (Flashbacks are more forgiving). You should keep a saved game with very few wasted moves which you can restore when you've poked around. You'll need to make an arrest by 22:50, when the game ends.

Emp/Tel Flashbacks: These are achieved by GREETing a character, then CHATting with them until a flashback is triggered. Not every character in the Bar will trigger a flashback. Once you're in a flashback scene, check your log for information.

Fleebix and Thud (at the bar)

First chat with Thud. Once the flashback is triggered, all you must do is pick up the cup and go outside. If you hang around, you'll hear Fleebix tell you to do just that (Relax, they get harder). Chat with Fleebix. Read the audition notice. Click on the door to your house to call to Thud and order him (?) to take the cup . Then tell him to come outside . Look in the cup, and Thud will remove the bus token for you. Wait for the bus then click the token on Thud and ORDER him to board the bus . Wait for the next bus and he'll carry you aboard bound for Glom Hole. Order Thud to open the mailbox (use the Thud shortcut bottom-right), then to get the letter and open the letter . Read the letter, order thud to take the mailing label and read it.

By now you should have been buzzed and seen an explosion. Head towards it. Zoom in with the magnifying glass and order Thud to take the nav dial . Exit the close-up and read the box. Examine the to and from addresses. Pick up the mailing label and click on Thud (again, bottom-right) with it. Order him to lick the label, then to paste the label on the box (Surprise, another fouled effort). Exit the close-up and have Thud take the box . Head back to the mailbox and have Thud drop the box . Enter the box and wait to be transported. Now's a good time to examine your inventory, like your newly-aquired nav dial, if you wish. Once you're in the truck, exit the box. It's important you hang around here long enough to overhear the destination code for the Quantelope Lodge.

While you're waiting, examine and read the small box, then have Thud take it, open it, and get the crystal from it. After you've heard that the destination code is 42, enter the box and wait to be delivered. When they leave to get their nav dial, quickly exit the box, have Thud drop the nav dial, then re-enter the box. Wait for them to come back and leave again to get goggles. Exit the box, zoom in on the scooter control panel, have Thud set the nav dial to 42 (he'll screw up this one too - don't panic), then re-enter the box. Wait to be delivered to the Quantelope Lodge. When things quiet down, exit the box. Order Thud to climb the clock tower, then to come back down. He'll tell you what he saw. Order him to climb the tower, then to press the yellow button, then to come back down.

Read the status report - looks like a crystal is broken (the one with an X ). Order Thud to climb the tower, then to press the red button, then to pull the lever. He'll return with all the crystals. Have him climb the tower again. Counting from the top on the status report and going clockwise, number the crystals 1-5. Have Thud replace the crystals (by putting a crystal - starting with Crystal 1 - in the slot, then turning the knob, then putting the next crystal in the slot etc.), but when you get to the damaged one, use the crystal from the small box instead. Have Thud pull the lever when you're done. If you wish, you can press the yellow button for another status report to see if you've replaced the broken crystal - all the positions should now read o .

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