Soldier 714-Z-367 (bartender): Game Guide

Have Thud press the green button, then the blue button and the clock will reset. Have Thud come down and knock on the Lodge door. The shipping simulator was pretty easy, but it may be randomized. Just try to ditch heavy cargo early and try to take advantage of the low numbers for fuel usage. If the tests aren't randomized (I don't think they are), and if anyone has problems with these, I'll include a moves list in the next version of this walkthrough. After three of these, you'll learn you are to report to Fringel II. See the Bar section for what you can do with this info. End of flashback.

Soldier 714-Z-367 (bartender)

Remember, scroll lock will toggle the compound eye graphics. Toggling this off will make it easier. Roll the egg to the Mess Hall, then follow it there. It's wedged in a doorway, so go to the food preparation area through the door to the right. From here, exit through the other door, take the pike, go through the rounded door, and push the egg. Enter the mess hall, and go straight through back to the great hall. Pry the lift doors with the pike and enter them. Take the outdoor access card from the floor. Enter the mine tunnel on the left and continue up the tunnel until you get to the mine cart unloading area. Examine the control panel - these buttons control the security doors - three can be depressed at once. Depress the black button - this one must be depressed.

I chose green and yellow as the other two for now in order to make the mine maze less frustrating. Head through the newly-opened black door into the mine maze. There are two objects to find in here: a hairball and a ventilation access card. I don't know if their locations are randomized (My hairball, for example, was through the first green door - the next black door led back to the battlestation). After you get the hairball, you can return to the mine cart unloading area, disable the yellow button and select the down button to open the chutes. I found the ventilation card at the bottom of the first chute. Head back to the mess hall - if you come out of the maze near the mine cart unloading area, you can bypass the maze by using the outdoor access card in the card reader next to the closed gate. Head through the right door to the swimming area.

Take the plunger, and throw the hairball into the water. Wait a couple ticks for the water to flood through the air duct (If you look at your map, you'll see where it will come out). Return to the mess hall and roll the egg to the food preparation area. Go to the battle station and use your outdoor access card in the card reader next to the gate. Enter the lookout. Aim the spear cannon right, so it's pointing at the middle of the river. If you like, you can fire it and reel it in to get a fish. Pick up the spear from the cannon, then mount the plunger on the cannon. Head to the food preparation area. Zoom in on the ventilation duct, then slide your ventilation access card through the card reader. Open the grate and exit the close-up. SAVE YOUR GAME HERE! Roll the egg into the river and quickly enter the ventilation shaft.

You'll emerge on the bridge - quickly fire the cannon (with the plunger loaded) and you should hit the egg. If not, restore. Reel it in, open the gate to the unloading area, and roll it that way. Follow. Again, SAVE YOUR GAME HERE! The map is useful here for keeping tabs on the egg's location. The idea is to push the egg, then rush through the maze to beat it to the shuttle area. Make sure the down button is pressed, then push the egg. I hate mazes, so upon entering, I went green, down, black, ran along the tunnel (ahead of the egg now) to the last door on the right, then green, black into the shuttle area. I'm sure there's a better way to do that, but if you're quick, this should work. Quickly roll the egg to the shuttle. You'll learn the combination to Soldier's brooch. End of Flashback.

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