Seedrot (Vedj at a table close to the band): Game Guide

Seedrot (Vedj at a table close to the band)

Read through your log to discover that you need to drop a fruit and why. The first order of business is to turn on the TV. You'll have to sit through a lot of this! You're listening for four phone numbers - three commercials: for Nitrogen Fixation Attractor, for photography modelling, and for a free day of beauty. The last number is for Dr. Root's call-in show. Feel free to poke around while listening to the TV. Channel 1 is the most useful, while channel 3 is the least. Once you have the day of beauty number (leaf-flower-flower-fruit), you can call it to get rid of your mom (she'll leave soon after you call). Also, once you have Dr. Root's number, turn off the TV and call (flower-flower-fruit-fruit) - turn the TV back on after you've called if you don't have all the numbers yet.

When a channel starts to repeat, change channels. I got the day of beauty number and Dr. Root's number from channel 1, photography on channel 2 (mushroom, root, pine cone, mushroom), and NFA on channel 4 (mushroom, seed, seed, seed). Meanwhile, pick up the collar at your feet (uh, roots) and put it on the sheeplant. Poke around or wait till your mom leaves (sorry), then stash the spoon, and look under the table for a key. Unlock the desk with the key, open the drawer, and stash the book (you learned from Dr. Root to fantasize about a picture to drop a fruit). Open the book and leaf (sorry) through it till you find a picture you like - I thought page 5 was appropriate G - then mark page and close . Zoom in on the control panel. Move retractor 3 to the zero position to get rid of the sheeplant (did you notice the 3 on the collar?).

If you've tried to bloom one of your buds, you've found that it's not getting enough light or water to bloom. So, we'll move all the lights to maximum (far right). Now, for the water. Look at your map (and zoom it). See that water main just under your roots? OK, zoom in on the control panel again and set the ground temperature to one notch above zero. Wait till you get a warning about frostbite, then wait some more. Listen for the sound of the water main breaking, then set the ground and air temperature to max (100). If you've got the photography number, call it. When he shows up, just do as he asks. While he's there, put the spoon in his camera bag. If you examined the bee or asked the photographer about it, you'll know it's a homing bee. It will follow him when he leaves and return laden with his pollen.

So, just rustle your leaves (pan up and click on one), then raise them, then stroke a bud. Once you've made some gallons by modelling, call the NFA number to order some. When it arrives, examine and read it if you like, then pour it on you (using the portrait lower-left). By now you should have gotten a message saying your roots are now toasy warm and another saying it's getting nice and swampy in here. Click on bud 3 (left of the roof support) and select bloom. Wait for the bee to show up over the pink plant, then dim the right bank (the light over the pink plant). The pollen-laden bee should be attracted to your flower. You've been pollenated (and you'll grow a fruit). Now just fantasize about the book to drop your fruit. You'll learn which page Seedrot prefers - the one you chose. See the Bar section for details on how to use this info. End of flashback.

Click (the Auditon in the balcony over the casino)

You begin with a note telling you the alarm code - make note of it (4650). Check your log and read your email. Most important is the cerebomb recipe. Auditons see with sound, so click on the clock and set the alarm. While it's ringing, you should be able to see the objects on the table. Take the jelly jar and the Doz tablet. Click on the waterfall and select reach hand into . Enter the waterfall. Pick up the basket with rope, and drop it through the west window (you'll hear a splash). Pull up the basket and remove the eel from it. Put the jelly jar in the basket, pick up the basket, and drop it through the east window (you'll hear licking). Pull up the basket, remove the jar (which now contains Slathercat saliva), and stash the jar.

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