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Zoom in on the right side of the table to see insects and the jars they escaped from. Stash the insects (though you don't really need the dragonfly). Exit the close-up and click the center of the table to examine the drug processor. Save here, just in case. You can find out which insect is which by putting it in the processor then pressing the green button, but you'll have to restore. The red button flushes the contents of the processor. OK, put the sprig of flutterweed, the butterfly (crackle snap pop), the eel, and the saliva from the jar into the processor. Click on the mantis (crunch crunch) and select pull leg off (I just love these wholesome games). Put five mantis legs in the processor, as per the recipe. Press the green analyze button and you should automatically stash the cerebomb. Head back through the waterfall.

Examine your remote controller and enter the alarm deactivation code (4650). Exit the safehouse. Answer the phone by zooming on it and clicking talk . Exit whenever you're ready. The map is helpful here. Head East, north, north, west, SW. Pick up the lunch pail and put the cerebomb in it. Head NE, E, E, and reach your tail into the flashing knothole to get a phone token. Head S, W, S, W then examine your remote and enter the alarm code before proceeding W into the safehouse. Save your game. Wait for the alarm to reactivate (that's the buzz you hear), then exit the safehouse without entering the code - that should get the cop's attention. The idea here is to avoid the cop and get to the platform he was originally on. So, quickly go E, N, E. When the cop is on the platform immediately to your west, go N, NE, then E.

That'll piss him off (You can call him on the pay phone and taunt him if you wish - just club the phone to get your token back). OK, enter the spaceport and read the notice on the wall - note the phone number for the head queep trainer - this varies from game to game. Exit the close-up and examine the locker with the green light over it. Click on the green light and select press tail to . The locker will open and you can stash the quiet device. Put the lunchpail (containing the cerebomb) in the locker and exit the close-up. Go back outside. Put the token in the payphone and call the Happy Branches telemarketing number (it's in your log - 88300). At the menu, press 2 to sign up a friend for this call, and enter the number for the queep trainer you got from the notice. Enter the kennel. The trainer should be distracted by the phone. Read the logbook and make note of the rotation schedule.

Notice which queeps are missing from the cages (they're currently on duty), select the Doz tablet and choose break . Work out the rotation schedule so you'll know which food dishes to put the Doz into - or you can just save, wait till the watch changes, and restore (For example, A + E were on duty in my case, so I put the Doz in bowls D + I). Anyway, after you've drugged the appropriate bowls, head outside and wait a few ticks for the guards to rotate - you can re-enter the kennel to see when this happens: the two cages that were originally empty should be occupied, and two formerly-occupied cages should be empty. If the empty cages aren't the ones you drugged, restore and try again. Enter the spaceport. The queep guards should look suitably drugged. Zoom in on the locker where you put your cerebomb and press your tail to the red light above the door.

Take the lunch pail, turn on the quiet device and put it in the pail (along with the cerebomb). Hold your breath and walk through the arch. You'll learn Click's lucky number - see the Bar section for details on how to use this info. End of flashback.

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