Bettaker (aka Dirtkicker - Bibblebonk bonkier in t: Game Guide

Bettaker (aka Dirtkicker - Bibblebonk bonkier in t

You can search the trashcan for an unusable chip if you like, and you could also vacuum up the remnants of your shattered memory chip. We've got to get this graffiti off your face! Head to the barber shop, where you'll find another useless chip. Sit in the barber's chair, greet the barber, then order him to give you a facial (Oh, go ahead, get a manicure and a scraping while you're at it - looks like you had a rough night). Exit the barber shop and you should soon meet Veeblecoach, who will transport you to the stadium. Turn on your radio receiver by clicking on your portrait to the lower-left. Wear the colorful cloth strips, the steel-tipped booties, and the leg pads. Stash everything else. If you're a veteran adventure game player, that is.

The club is the only other item that will prove useful. Wait until the radio announces you (Dirtkicker), then pick up your club and head out onto the field (with club in hand) for your ovation, then return. If you are improperly equipped, the announcer will let you know. In the meantime, you can amuse yourself by reading the rulebook and poking around. Hang around listening to the events until the arguing with the referee event comes up. The visitors go first, so pay attention to what he does.

When he's done, go up the steps onto the field. Zoom in on the ref. Argue with him twice. Curse him twice. Kick dirt onto him twice. Bump him twice. Hit him twice. Hit him with your club twice. You should win the match and be spirited away to the President's talk show. As soon as you can, pick up the black chip from the floor and install it by clicking it on your icon and selecting put in . Pay attention to the PIN number, then chat with the President. You've learned Bettaker's PIN - see the bar section on how to use it. End of flashback.

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Check your log - it says to use the QWERTY code in R mode to decode the tips there. If you want the hints, you've got to do it manually. Look down at your keyboard (Really, YOUR keyboard), and shift each letter one space to the left. You should get something like:

1. Override lock controls to pass inspection station

2. Use a barge train to block police boat

3. Grentilbeasts love Babaloo meat

Spin around and stash the drill from the wall, then exit the house. Open the locker and stash the gas can. Soon your other mate will arrive. When he does, board the rowboat and untie it. Click on the barge, tie the rope to it, then board the barge.

Wait until you get to the lock - you'll see signs telling you when you're near. At the lock, exit the barge. Zoom in on the police boat, and take the motor. Put the motor on your rowboat, then fill it with gas from the gas can. Enter the control tower and read the notes posted about. Examine the control panel. The top number is the river level downstream, the middle number is the river level in the lock, and the bottom number is the river level upstream (where you came from). Enter the code you found nearby (617), and raise the lever. Wait for the middle number to equal the top number, then lower the lever.

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