Devin-7 (Sraffan who arrives around 19:40. Can be: Game Guide

Press the top button, and your barge should enter the lock. Now raise the lever and wait for it to max out at 10 - the lever will automatically return to the center position. Exit the close-up and press the emergency override button to your left. Quickly exit the tower towards the police boat, and you should be back on the barge. Wait for the surge of water to whisk you past the inspection station. Wait for the current to carry you past two more signs, then board the rowboat, untie it, turn on the motor, and steer it (Barman offers to steer for you, how sweet). Head to starboard - away from the barge toward the tower. Turn off the motor to save gas, then tie the boat to the dock. Exit the rowboat and head for the tower. Save here. Examine the control panel. You need to ride that single barge while using the barge train to block the police boat.

The rocker switches turn on and off the artificial current, and the levers determine its direction. Try this: Turn on the middle switch and reverse its direction. Reverse the direction of the bottom current by flipping the bottom lever. Wait. Turn on the top current by flipping the top switch. Wait twice. Turn off the top and bottom currents. Reverse the direction of the middle current by flipping the middle lever. Wait. The barge train should be blocking the middle channel, and the single barge should be at the far left of the lower channel. Turn off the middle current, and turn on the lower current. Reverse the lower current so that it points right. Exit the tower, board the rowboat, untie it, turn on the motor, and dock with the barge (click on the barge, tie the rope to it, and turn off the motor).

This rowboat is going to blow your cover, so pick up the drill and drill it. You'll automatically board the barge as the rowboat sinks - just wait until you reach the loading dock, then exit the barge. If you like, you can examine and read the Shangri-La II brochure on the floor. Examine the crates. Given the choice, you know you want to choose the grentilbeast's crate - it's the only one that sounds dangerous, and it's bound for Armpit VI. Remember the clue in your log. Pick up the sandwich from your inventory, and hold it up to the airholes. Next, throw it into the water, and press the button which opens the crate. The Grentilbeast should follow the scent into the water. Get in the crate and wait (Pay attention to what the soldier says as he reads the letter). You've learned Cilia's contact - see the Bar section for how this helps. End of flashback.

Devin-7 (Sraffan who arrives around 19:40. Can be

Time is critical in this flashback - save as soon as you trigger it. Zoom in on the computer console, then sit at it. Read the bios, email, deal status, etc, then restore your game. There's probably a better way to do this - I'll work on it for the next version, but this should work. Right; send Lentil to deal with the Environmentalists, and the rest to deal with the politicians. Exit the close-up and head up the stairs. Click on Irk, greet her and chat with her about her terms. Head back to the computer console after she's said she's downloaded her terms to you. Check on negotiations. You can click on the current time line to advance the clock. When Lentil is free, if her negotiations with the environmentalists were successful, dispatch her to meet with Yeef-8.

Your other team should be able to talk down the politicians. When they do, send Zig and Norg to Dork. Send the rest (including Lentil, who should be done around now) to Swonza-5. Exit the computer screen and head down the back hall. Knock on the bathroom door to talk to Quosh. Be nice - validate his neuroses, tell an anecdote, then head back to the computer console. I bet there's a better way to do this, but I talked down the politicians, environmentalists and Yeef, got Swonza-5 on-board, and talked up Dork and Gild. Then selected Dippik, Vebbil, Gild, Dork, Rawley, Jella, and the Mineral Mart for Rg. Just barely broke even. Still, it was enough to successfully complete the deal and learn Devin's secret password. Back at the bar, bet him that you can guess it and you'll win a high frequency jammer. See bar section for what to do with this. End of flashback.

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