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The Shifter

Break the window to exit onto the balcony. Examine the flower vines to sneeze open an escape route (really). You learn the Shifter is allergic to Teleweed flowers. End of Flashback.

The Bar

While still in the entry area at the beginning, examine the terminal (come back around 18:90) and turn on your Voice Printer. After you complete Soldier's flashback, search the DrinkVendor 2000 (behind him), then click on the brown bump upper-left. Open it with Soldier's brooch combination (in your clue list), andstash the key. In the kitchen is an energy detector, and you can tear off a piece of tin foil. If you open the energy detector, you'll discover a rag that's being used to silence it. Press the history button to download its records. Those energy spikes relate to the Shifter. Zoom in on the megawave, open it, put the tin foil into it, and close it. set the timer, then press the button - that'll ditch the cook for a few ticks.

Unlock the store room door with the key you got from Soldier's brooch. Enter the store room and stash the nose plugs. When you get a message from HQ telling you to consult a computer terminal on the Kur'pupu, go back to where you started - around 18:90 the terminal should be fixed. While you're here, snag a battery for your residue printer from the advertising sign. Once you've read about the Kur'pupu and completed Fleebix's flashback, go chat with him and propose a deal - he'll trade you the frequency for his destination. Set the jammer you get from Devin-7 to the number Fleebix gives you and you should be immune to the shapeshifter's neural scan. You'll need to find an antidote to the poison dart that's headed your way. Complete the Click and Seedrot flashbacks, and discover the body in the kelp trap in the Lily Pad (after 19:50).

Search the body to recover a microdart. Don't hang around! Go to Click's locker (second from left) and enter his lucky number as the combination (2569). Take the cerebomb (residue print it if you like), go see Click and ask him about the microdart. Chat with him, but refuse to show him the cerebomb - tell him his combination instead. A deal will be reached - an antidote for his stash. Give Click the cerebomb and he'll tell you to get a Vedj fruit and how long to megawave it. To get a fruit, snag the plastic fruit from the table near the restrooms, then return to Seedrot. Open her book, turn to the page you selected before (check your log under clues if you don't remember), and order her to look at the book. When she drops her fruit, replace it with the plastic fruit, then head for the kitchen (also near the restrooms).

Megawave the fruit for the duration Click gave you, then eat the fruit. You'll be immune to that nasty little dart. Now you can discover the repairman's corpe in the Steamy Parlor off the back corridor. Around 20:00, you'll lose your voice printer, residue printer, and energy detector due to infrared jamming. When you have the nose plugs, go to the bar and zoom in on the DrinkMaster 2000. According to the computer terminal, Oy-Vee-Ai prefer drinks that contain mercury. Turn on the DrinkMaster, select list all ingredients , select mercury, select What drinks are made with this? , and order one of those drinks (My choice was Full Metal Jacket). Go back to the Lily Pad, turn around to face the door, and pan down - look in the water to find (and get) an underwater light. Then head for the Moist Grotto (off the back corridor) and wear the nose plugs.

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