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Enter the water and notice the Oy-Vee-Ai. Exit and put the drink on the floor grating - It should surface and drink it. Enter the water and notice the infrared jammer. Pick up your underwater light from your inventory so you can stash the jammer. Exit and turn off the jammer. In the kitchen, you can hide behind the spice rack to overhear Borksh and Paksha. In the balcony over the casino, you can hide behind the vending machine to overhear the Blobsters. You can zoom in on the screen in Bettaker's chest - enter his PIN and read the information there - note the Recording Station access code. If you change the Bibblebonk odds, make sure it's worth it. After you win big, you can hold your credit chip up to the monitor in the catwalk over the casino to get a meeting with Gorb.

Unplug his stimulant sprayer, and use the Recording Station Access code (from Bettaker) to open his video cabinet. Click on the vid disk and select put in , then hit the rewind button. Hit Play, then fast-forward to cycle through the cameras. In exchange for her contact's name, Cilia will agree to help you keep an eye out for suspicious characters in the Bar. Later she'll give you a vid disc she found in the bathroom - you can use the recording station to view it. That looks like the shifter shifting into a Napthaleen. Sometime after this point, if you keep checking your vidmail, you'll enter an emp-tel flashback with the shifter himself. Once you've viewed Cilia's viddisc and learned the shifter's weakness from his emp-tel flashback, go to the DrinkMaster 2000 and order a drink made with Teleflower petals (such as Heaven in a Blue Gourd). Give it to the Napthaleens to induce a sneezing fit from the shifter. Endgame.

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The Space Bar
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