Komplettlösung The Prophecy

Lava room

Make the sword. Use it on the ornament. Keep using it on the hole until a ruby appears. Turn the sword into a cauldron. Add truffles and venom to the cauldron and use it on the ruby. Put truffles and pollen in the cauldron and use the potion on the jewel. Look in the rightmost hideaway. Click on it repeatedly until the creature spits out a pile of glue. Get the glue with the bowl. Make the sword and use it on the crack. Get the firefly and use the glue on it. Put the firefly into one of the dark hideaways. You will find another jewel. When you find a broken jewel, put some glue on it and the flawed jewel, and put the pieces together. When you find a hideaway with a hole in it. Put the copper ball in the hole then remove it.

Get the twig from the far right hideaway. In each hideaway, flip the lever repeatedy until a pedestal rises and 3 letters light up. By the end, all the letters should be lit and all 5 pedestals up. Then, using the bow, shoot the letters K, R, A, A, L.



Get the nail (keep clicking until it comes out) and the heart. Put the nail in the southwest hole of the right lock dial. Turn the dial needle. Get the pin from the hole under the raised bar. Put the pin in the 3 o'clock hole in the left dial and put the nail in the 9 o'clock hole of the right. Spin both needles and go through the bars.



SAVE YOUR GAME! Time is a factor in this part! Click on the levers. Starting at the right lever and going left, click on each 4 times. Then click on the carving. Push letters D, J, E, L. Look in the hideaway. Put the heart in the orifice and get the knife. Use the knife on the bamboo two times. Use the flute. Get the stone and put it in the hole in the carving. Click on the letters A, Z, E, U, L, I, S, S, E. Get the second statue and put it in the hideaway with the first. Get the grains of sand and put them in the hourglass.

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The Prophecy

The Prophecy
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: keine Angabe

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