Komplettlösung The Feeble Files

Ministry of Galactic Uncertainty (Crop Circle Divi

First read all your emails on the vidscreen. You should get one telling you that your bike is fixed. Once you have read it, your bike will appear outside. You will need to get your helmet out of the cupboard, and then pick up the doll. Enlarge the doll in the teleport and take its leather jacket. Exit, and fly off on the bike to the Bar.

Dave´s Bar

Enter the bar and talk to Delores, who will give you a package to take to Metro Prime. Talk to the activist who will give you a leaflet about TLC - a pop group he wants banned. Talk to the pilot - he has a cargo of TLC CDs. Exit the bar and get on your bike. The Enforcer will call Major Benson.

Metro Prime

Go down to the docking bay floor and talk to the pilot and official. The official won't let the pilot dock because he hasn't got a permit. The Pilot has a freighter-full of pills (chemical supplements) which are going off. Exit the docks and go down the alleyway. Knock on the door. You will deliver Delores' package and get paid for it. Go to the Pill shop and examine the empty container. The owner tells you he's waiting for a delivery - the pills stuck out in the docking bay. Go to the teleport and use it to get to the lower level. Go to Ministry Headquarters. Enter it. The secretary tells you to leave because you haven't got an appointment. Go to the Observation dome and use the vending machine until you kick it. Go back past the Ministry to the OmniBrain and confess in the archway. Try and put the TLC leaflet in the traitor alert station. It will be too small, so take a quick trip back to work and use the teleport to enlarge it. Bang it in the Traitor slot. Go to the space bar.

Dave´s Bar

Talk to the enforcer about directive updates. He will say that TLC is now illegal. Inform the enforcer about the pilot with the TLC CD cargo. Nice Mr. Enforcer will shoot the pilot and you can pinch his docking permits, which conveniently fell on the table when he was zapped. Go back to the docking area.

Back at the Docks

Give the permits to the pilot and he'll deliver the pills. Go to the shop and buy a bottle of pills, and you will get a bottle of out-of-date ones as well. Go back to the ministry HQ and take a charm pill. You can now charm the secretary into giving you an appointment. Don't go in yet - the guard won't let you in because you're in civilian clothes. You need to find somewhere to change into your lab coat. Go to the bar.

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The Feeble Files

The Feeble Files
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