Outside Dave´s Bar: Komplettlösung The Feeble Files

Outside Dave´s Bar

Talk to the creature in the vid-phone. He wants a light-wave soda so go into the bar and get him one. Put the out-of-date pills in the soda and give them to your friend. The pills make him ratty and he slams down the phone and leaves. Go back to the phone by the pill shop.

Pill Shop Phone

The girl who was in the phone will be standing by the phone booth. She will get shot by a robot. You can then get changed into your lab coat in the phone booth and enter the Ministry. Go and see the Minister. Before you know it, you're sentenced to Cygnus Alpha.

Cygnus Alpha

The prison is filled with hypno-screens which cut in at awkward Moments. To prevent yourself from being hypnotised, get the poster from the wall of the Rec room. Wait until you end up in your cell and open the sanitation unit, then put the tacks from the poster on your bed. You will wake up when the hypnoscreens send you to bed with a rear-full of tacks. Get the tacks and get on the bed. Wait for the warder to come in to close the sanitation unit and sneak out. Go down to the canteen. Pick up a bowl and fill it with gunk from the Dispenser. You can now use the gunge to blind any cameras on your explorations. If you don't you'll get caught. Go across the courtyard and into the lift to the work area. Look at the grating at the end of the work area and talk to the person behind it until they tell you about the rebel TV channel.

Go to the rec room, open the cupboard and turn on the vidscreen and tune it to the rebel channel. You only have a certain amount of time before the warder investigates. Remove the tuner knob and hide in the cupboard. The Warder enters and tries to turn off the Vidscreen. He can't and freaks out. Go back to the work area and turn on the conveyor belt. Go to the grille and fall through it. Delores is waiting for you at the bottom. She gives you a reworked doll. Pick up 5 other standard OmniBrain Dolls. Go back to the main corridor and pile all the standard dolls against the grating and then throw the modified doll at them to blow the grating out. Go through the hole into the courtyard.

The Tile Puzzle

You must step across the floor using the correct sequence. The tiles change colour but you must only step on a tile which is its original colour. The colour order you have to jump on is white, red, yellow, then green.

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The Feeble Files

The Feeble Files
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