The Prison Ship: Komplettlösung The Feeble Files

The Prison Ship

Board the prison ship, and rip out the cover to expose the wires. Pick them up. Open the ignition circuit and look at it. The ignition circuit puzzle is a different-every-time puzzle. You have to connect each input to another output with the wires. The best way seems to be via trial and error. Ho Hum. Once you have sorted this out the ship takes off (cutscene) and hares away in true Star Wars style, only to crash-land on the Forest Planet.

The Forest Planet

You wake up (cutscene) and find a genocidal (look it up) military robot called SAM in the cargo hold, who (amongst other things) will cut a way out of the ship. You end up going to the Natives village. Go up to the gates. SAM follows, being his usual Genocidal self. Pick up the spear the natives leave in their haste to avoid SAM. Follow the one that runs off into the forest maze. Trap him between you and SAM to capture him and take him back to the ship. When you walk outside the ship you'll find his chums waiting for you. They knock you out and take you to sacrifice you to their God, who turns out to be your brother when you wake up in the Laboratory.

The Laboratory

Trussed up on a surgical table whilst Filbert gloats. Wait until he leaves, then tell you oracle to get the rope, and you're free. You must mix a chemical to drug the natives using the chemistry set. To mix the chemicals, remember the following:






Its not too hard but its quite time-consuming. Once you have the solution, put it in the water supply through the big hatch. Use SAM's remote control to get him to the statue. There is a button which will open the doors on the statue so that SAM can get in the teleport. Press the teleport button and SAM appears in the lab. Read the phone directory, then call the operator and cancel your unlisted phone no. status. The phone starts ringing almost immediately. Filbert comes down to see what all the fuss is about and SAM can then capture him. Pick up the God costume and use the projection machine.

The Bridge

Change to SAM and go to the top of the mountain. There will be a bird flying about. Get SAM to shoot it down. Bring SAM back to the lab, then got to the mountain yourself and pick up the bird. Put the bird on the rock by the bridge. The natives will rebuild the bridge to get the bird. You can now cross the bridge and get back to your crashed ship. When you enter the ship you'll find that Delores has changed into a squid (by a teleport accident in a cutscene). She tells you to go and get various bits and pieces for transmitter. Go outside and use the spear with the battery cover, then get the battery.

Go back to the lab. Look in the phone book and you should find the number for a laser relay company. Phone them up and ask for one, and someone will be there almost immediately with your order. Change control to SAM and go to the village. Look at the statue and then get the gem out of the eye. Go back to the lab and switch to Feeble. Go to the top of the mountain to meet Delores. Give her the battery, the laser relay and the gem, and she builds a transmitter. You then escape to the Rebel Base.

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The Feeble Files

The Feeble Files
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