Rebel Base: Komplettlösung The Feeble Files

Rebel Base

You arrive at the base only to discover that the rebels have been captured and shipped off to Cygnus Alpha. Go outside and out of the alley. There is a newspaper stand plastered with Wanted posters of Feeble, Public Enemy No.1. Go back into the hideout and have a look at the filing cabinet. You will find a dress. Put it on.

The Arcade

Go into the arcade on the top level (via the teleport). Ask the man in the kiosk for some tokens and go to the upper level. Use the tokens with the Simon the Sorcerer machine. The idea is to try and win the infinitoken, but you'll have a hard time doing so. Once you have, then look at the Super Virtua machine on the left, then go down to the lower level and use the grabber machine. You must get the wild cat doll which is under the red fish. Talk to the man in the kiosk and ask for a go on the Super Virtua machine. You will go upstairs, play it and come down again. Talk to the man in the kiosk to get your prize, which is a ticket for the zoo. Leave the arcade.

The Zoo

Use the zoo entry system with the ticket to get in. Talk to the tourist. He wants his picture taking. Turn the flash power up five times to get the maximum flash then press the red button. Whilst the tourist is blinded run out of the door with the camera. Go to the docking bay to get your bike. It has been clamped. Go back to the rebel hideout and tell Delores about your bike. Pick up the newspaper and then go and look for Gardum. At the newsstand, pick up a newspaper and read it. It is full of ads. Go to the entrance to Ministry HQ. Gardum is lurking in the shadows on the right side of the screen. Talk to him. He tells you to look for freighter no. K1CK A55. Go to the observation dome. Go to the airlock area on the left of the screen. Pressurize the lock and open the door. Enter the airlock. Use the camera with the window and you will see a freighter is about to dock.

Go back to the docking area. The whole place will be covered in Wurbles. Go up to your bike and use it. You will find a Wurble in it. Go to the Docking Controllers office. Open the cupboard, put the Wurble inside. Put the wild cat doll in there with it and close the cupboard. Wurbles breed at a staggering rate, and so the cupboard will explode due to the pressure. This conveniently buries the Docking Controller. Pick up the keys from the floor and go out to the Docking Area. Use the keys with the bike to release it. Go to the Ministry. There is a guard at the door who won't let you in. Go to the Junk Ship.

Junk Ship

Open the chest. Inside is a space hopper and a pump. The pump will break if you use it, leaving you with a metal bar, tube and a valve. A salesman should have appeared. Tow him back to the space bar, and touch his bike three times to turn the alarm off. You can then get his tow cable. He will give you a jar of miracle mud.

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The Feeble Files

The Feeble Files
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