The Omniclub: Komplettlösung The Feeble Files

The Omniclub

Go to the Omniclub in the Asteroid belt and open the doors with the metal bar. Enter and play with the DJ console. Press the master switch and then fiddle with the blue light switch until it breaks. A filter falls out. Use the broken handle and the tube from the pump to make a tool to turn the bar lights on. Press the play button to start the bar lights flashing. Press the stop button when the light is on the second stool from the top. Pick up the blue filter and the loose barstool. Go to Metro Prime. Go to the air supply on the lower level. Use the valve with the space hopper and then use the miracle mud with the hopper. Use the air supply to partially fill the space hopper. Go to the OmniBrain window. Use the confessional and pretend to confess. Now wait until the announcement that you have won the Confession of the Cycle prize.

Don't collect the prize. Wait for the announcement that you have collected it. Some deaf old fruit called Phoebe will have misheard the announcement and gone to collect the prize, which turned out to be a bullet between the earlobes. Go to the OmniBrain window and collect the wooly jumper. Go to the observation area airlock and construct a dummy feeble by putting the barstool on the floor, the space hopper on the barstool, the pullover on the space hopper, and top it all off with the newspaper. Close the airlock door and use the blue filter with the porthole. Now depressurize the chamber. Go to the vidbooth next to the pill shop. Use the guard's card to phone him up and tell him you know where Feeble is. The guard will leave his post and you can then get into the Ministry. Use the vidscreen and listen to what Mumsy tells you about Granddad's tomb. You will now be able to go to the tomb, so fly there.

Grandfather´s Tomb

Use the coffin. He tells you that you have to prove yourself worthy, and gives you a can of spray-paint and a paper. Go back to the alley and use the piles of ads with the boxes. Use the Rebel Symbol with the can of paint and use the symbol you painted with the piece of paper. Go back to the tomb and use the piece of paper with the mark on the floor. You will get the junkship key and a sonic screwdriver. Go back to the wrecked Ministry and use the keypass card to open the drawer. Get the coin and the photograph. Go to the Observation lounge and put the souvenir coin in the security pass machine. You get a credit. Put the credit in the star map machine and you get a map and Junior Starspotters guide. Go down the ministry, give the guide to the guard, and you can then get into the Ministers office.

The Minister will ask for an Omnicoff. Go to the lobby and get the empty cup. Put miracle mud in the cup and take it back to the Minister. He'll choke on it and you can use the card reprogrammer machine. You will get a screen which demands two codes. The first code is the Junkship registration. The second is the year forwards and the date backwards. Enter them and choose exit. Go to the junk ship and use the tow rope with the red car, to stop it drifting off when you shut off the magnet. Use the keypass with the card reader and go inside. Turn the magnet off by using the big lever and go outside. Use the car to go to the space bar.

The Space Bar

Unscrew the numberplate from the salesman's bike with the screwdriver and put it on your car. You will now get a huge cutscene which ends as Delores boards the Prison ship. You are now controlling Del and will have to shoot the Omniguards. Then you get another cutscene which ends with your arrival at the Rebel Base.

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The Feeble Files

The Feeble Files
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