The Rebel Base: Komplettlösung The Feeble Files

The Rebel Base

Go down the corridor to the sleeping quarters and use the bed. You get a well-earned kip, and another cutscene, after which you end up in the projection room. Try and get out of the door on the RHS of the screen. SAM will shoot at it, leaving metal discs on the floor. Get them and go out into the corridor. Use the discs with the vending machine to get a can. Do it again. Leave through the other door and use the car to fly to CCCC. Walk to the bunker. Walk round to the front. You'll see PEG starting his patrol. Distract him by moving to the posts and using the cans with them, then return to the rear entrance. When PEG stops you can disable him with the screwdriver. You can then swap SAM and PEG's control chips. You will have to pick up the green and blue chips from SAM and replace the chips in PEG with them.

You can then use SAM, who will go round to the front of the bunker. Guide him into the lift and go into the maintainence room. Use the lever 3 times. Swap back to Feeble. Go and close all the vents. The last vent by the car will be blown off. Swap back to SAM in the maintainence room. Use the lever again and make sure it is in the middle setting. Swap back to Feeble and action the hole. Feeble will drop into the Vent. To get through the vents you must go forward, turn left, go forward twice and you will get to the Maintainence room. After the cutscene go across the bridge and pick up the jacket by the desk, which has a security pass in it. You can then go into the lift. Go to the interrogation room.

You can watch Del being tortured if you go across to the LHS of the screen. Go and talk to the Gakky rebel, who will tell you about Gardum and Mandrin. Go and talk to Mandrin, who asks for water. Go to the brain room and get the chain and some brain slime. Give it to Mandrin and he gives you the key to the cabinet at the Ice Base. Leave the interrogation room and use the lift to the research and testing room. Pick up the fire extinguisher and use the antimatter weight. Then pick it up. Go back to the surface. Go back to the car and Gardum is waiting for you. Talk to him and go back to the ice base in the car. Open the cabinet and get the bungee rope and go back to CCCC. Block off all the vents. Use the fire extinguisher with Gardum to freeze him. Put Gardum in the deep hole. Go to the Maintenance Room.

The Maintenance Room

Go across the bridge, up the stairs and into the vents. Look up, move up, turn round, go forward and you should be at the grill. Use the rope with the grill and then use the chain with the grill. Go back, Move forward, go left, move forward twice. Go to the brain room. Go round the back of the brain. The rope and chain should be hanging from the vent. Connect it to the hoop on the floor. Use the rope and the chain with the weight, and then use the rope, chain and weight. The bungee rope will stretch. Use the rope and the weight and you will be catapulted up to the vent. Now action the lever to close the vent. Go back to the Maintenance room and use the screwdriver with the mangled robot. Set the lever to suck and pick up the grenades.

Go to the research room and press the button to switch off the vent. Use the grenade in the firing range until you throw a gas grenade. Go back to the Maintenance room and through the vents. Don't move too slowly or you will succumb to the gas. In the vents look up, move up, move forward and then use the metal plate with the fan. Go back, turn right and go forward twice. Go to the lever and set it to blow.

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The Feeble Files

The Feeble Files
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