Komplettlösung The Enchanter

There is also a dusty old book here that you might want to read, as it will help you to understand what you're doing next. From the Library, return to the South Hall, then go down into the dungeon, and down once more to the first Translucent Room. You will probably be tired now, so just go to sleep right where you are; nothing will hurt you. You only had to sleep in the bed to have the dream to find the VAXUM spell. When you wake up, eat and drink if necessary, then drop your spell book and the jug. Look at the map, and you will see some lettered points connected by lines. This is a magic map of the area where you are now. If you connect two adjacent points with the pencil, an opening will actually appear between those two rooms. Likewise, if you erase a line between two points, then you close off the opening between the two rooms.

However, you can only use the eraser twice and the point twice before each becomes useless. Now that you know what you have, let's put it to some good use. You are standing at the moment at point B on the map. From there, move South, East, NE, SE, and you will be at point F. The point all by itself, P, is where the Unseen Terror currently resides, and you are about to free it. Draw a line from P to F. You will see the opening appear in the wall before your eyes, and then a very scared Belboz will appear briefly with a warning. Now, move SW twice (the first time you won't get anywhere) and you will be at point P, where the GUNCHO spell is. Now, erase the line from B to R, which will keep the Terror from escaping. Also erase the line from M to V, which traps him in the rooms again. Pick up the GUNCHO scroll, and make your way to point J.

Draw a line from J to B, then walk West to B and get your spell book. Learn the CLEESH, GONDAR, and MELBOR spells. The GUNCHO spell is too strong to be written in your book, so you'll have to carry the scroll with you. Now, go Up twice to the South Hall. MELBOR yourself, then go West to the South Gate, and from there due North to the Junction. At that point, head East twice to the Winding Stairs. This is another powerful illusion; no matter how much you walk up or down, you will never get anywhere. KULCAD the stairs, and they will disappear, leaving you over a Bottomless Pit! Fortunately, the bannister turned into a vellum scroll containing the IZYUK spell. IZYUK yoursel, and fly East into The Warlock's Tower! Here, at last, you come face-to-face with Krill himself. However, before you can take care of him, you will have to get rid of a couple of his friends.

When the dragon attacks, GONDAR the dragon, and when the being attacks, CLEESH him. Now, you're ready for the main event. As Krill begins his chant, GUNCHO him. He is banished forever from this plane of existence, and you have become a member of the Circle Of Enchanters!

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The Enchanter

The Enchanter
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