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Most of the mazes in the game have no coordinate numbers so the walkthru is mainly descriptions of what you have to do and general directions on how to do it. Coordinates are given where the maze shows them. The term small indicates a maze that will fit within the traditional 16x16 maze size.



You start out in Palanthas. Getting orders to investigate Caergoth from Laurana is all you can do here.



This is a small simple maze. You get here automatically when you leave Palanthas. You arrive in the woods just outside the city. Follow the path to the city gates. There are encounters at (9,8) and (6,9) that give information. There is only one encounter that gives experience points. That is a fight with dragons that happens when you have been in the city long enough and occurs at whatever square your party happens to be in. You can travel back and forth between Caergoth and Palanthas as many times as you want before leaving Caergoth on Captain Daenor's ship at (8,14).



The mission is to rescue the townspeople of Caergoth. The maze is 28x28. There is one group of townspeople and one old woman to be rescued. The old woman gives a Necklace of Missiles. You must also chase Crysia, Daenor's sister, around the cave. There are three encounters with her. Everything else is optional. Beware of the red robe enemy wizards. They have a variety of protective spells in effect. Cast a Dispel Magic on them to neutralize the spells. The group of townspeople is in the southwest portion of the caves. They can reached from the main entrance by going north and then west from where the party finds a trap which can be tripped for a battle or disarmed.

This leads to the first encounter with Crysia. From there go south and west. To find the old woman, start from where you first found Crysia. Go north. This leads to the second encounter with Crysia. Go west and then north past the piercers. At the T, go east until the north/south T. Always choose the south branch and you will reach the old woman. To get out of the cave from the old woman's location, retrace your steps until the tunnel forks. From then on, go east and north and you will have one more encounter with Crysia before finding the exit from the cave.



This is a multi-part mission. First, you must defend Naulidis from sea dragon attacks. Then, you must go to Celanost to end the attacks. Finally, you deal with the instigator of the attacks. These parts can only be done in this order. You can train in the north safe hall IF you step on the right square. Many spells do not work in Naulidis. Lightning Bolt acts like a Fireball spell so when you have an opportunity to rest after the Cave, get rid of all the Fireball spells and memorize Lightning Bolt instead. The map in Journal entry 64 is basically correct. One door is misplaced and there may be some other minor errors. The best way to deal with the sea dragons is to give the Boots of Speed, Ring of Free Action, and Dragonlance to your fighter with the best HP. (The Boots and Dragonlance are from DEATH KNIGHTS OF KRYNN.) You get the ring in Naulidis.



You start off in the 4-square room due east of the southern safe hall. You must fight some fixed encounters and perform various randomly generated deeds to complete the Naulidis portion of this mission. Lyzian will meet you once you have done all these deeds.

1. You will fight a battle at the first one of the doors leading to the Ocean that you visit.

2. You will fight a battle in the temple in the south part of the city.

3. You will fight a battle in the 4-square room in the south part of the city due east of the armory. You may not have all the below deeds as they are randomly generated. Some of these random events may be location-dependent as well, so step on EVERY square.

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Dark Queen of Krynn

Dark Queen of Krynn
  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 1992

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