Komplettlösung Dark Queen of Krynn

The random deeds are:

1. You will get a request to find Irenia. If you Look in the guard rooms that seem empty, you will find her. Escort her to a safe hall.

2. Various groups of elves you randomly encounter need to be escorted to a safe hall.

3. In one of the safe halls you will get a request to get a replacement hinge from the Forge room.

4. You will be asked to bring spears to the fighters at the doors to the Ocean.

5. You will be asked to heal wounded elves.

6. You will repel an attack on the safe hall.

When you meet Lyzian after enough of these deeds are done, he will tell you that Daenor can be found in the Prince's Chamber. You will not find Daenor until this happens. Bring Daenor to one of the safe halls. He will reveal the cause of the sea dragons' attacks.



The tunnel connecting Naulidis and Celanost has nothing of interest and is very straightforward. No mapping is needed. Just march south to Celanost. Celanost is a small maze. The only point of interest is the room that leads to the egg maze. To get there from the entrance, go south and take the first westward arch. This puts you in a cross-shaped room. Take the north exit. Go north to the dead end with doors to the east and west. Go through the west door. At the first large room in the egg maze, there is a door to the south. Go through it. This leads to a side corridor to the next room where you will foil an ambush.

In a room beyond that room is a fireplace worth taking a Look at. There will be a battle in the first of the rooms to the south that you enter, but you will have the element of surprise if you go in the west room. The door to the north leads to the eggs. You should start using the windows to enter rooms from this point on to foil more ambushes. You encounter some sea dragons once you leave Celanost with the eggs. Giving the eggs to the sea dragons is the wise thing to do. After returning from Celanost, a visit to the Prince's Chamber triggers the last battle.



The only things to do in this small fishing village is visit to Ezra and wait for a Sahuagin attack. That will come soon.



The mission is very simple: find Fastillion. He provides hints and two keys needed for Kristophan. The short way is to go up to the 8th floor, turn off the teleporter control, jump into the pit, and search for a way up. Now, Search for secret doors that lead to teleporters. The first one found leads to the ground floor but you don't want to take it just yet. The other one is about the area where the entrance would be and will be harder to find. That leads to Fastillion. The exit from his secret lab is through the pit again. This time, you want to take the first teleporter. If you go all the way to the 11th floor, you will gain some useful loot when you return to the 10th floor. There are many optional battles on all the floors that yield loot.

Even though you do not need to go up to the top, the experience points and loot make it worthwhile. Each floor of the tower is an 8x8 maze and the floors line up. The pit is always in the same relative location as are the connecting stairwells on each floor. Except for that hard-to-find secret door to the second teleporter, this is actually a very simple maze; however, there are many, many teleporters in this maze. Except for the gnome and female elf, this is a free fire zone maze. You can kill everyone else you meet. No place is completely save to rest, but you can often succeed after defeating enough spiders and bats. The exception is the bottom of the pit where no rest is possible.


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Dark Queen of Krynn

Dark Queen of Krynn
  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 1992

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