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This is the next place to visit after the lighthouse. The main mission is to gain the 5 pieces of the Oracle. You cannot do anything about the Minotaurs' tyranny over the humans, so avoid unnecessarily irritating them. It will make your stay in Kristophan harder. There is one thing that can be done to encourage the local humans to fight back which is described later on. You start off outside the home of Eshalla. Repeated kissing of Eshalla will disenchant her. The reward is a Cloak of Displacement. If you respond favorably to her afterward, she will also give you a Helm+3 and a Dagger+4 later on as you wander around Kristophan. These encounters happen randomly. Leaving Eshalla's home gives the option to enter the city proper. Kristophan is divided into the mixed human/minotaur quarter and the minotaur compound to the west. There is a northern section that your characters cannot enter.

In the minotaur section there is one fixed encounter where you attempt to rescue a human from an old minotaur. This results in a trip to the arena. It is worthwhile to do this as victory in the arena yields some very useful armor and weapons; otherwise, avoid all encounters in the minotaur area except for random fights with minotaur bullies. Due west of the gates to Kristophan is the only vault in the game. By now your characters have a lot of stuff to dump. The Tenderloin Inn at the south-east corner is a good place to rest. At the east end of town is a shop to ID items. About the middle of town is an old woman who will let your party rest. The building complex to the southeast of the old woman is a fixed battle that is tough but yields a lot of loot. Due south of the old woman's home is the People's Temple. It is also a magic shop.

It offers a random selection of mage scrolls. This is a good place to spend some of your money. West of the temple is a home where you can find out about the Book of Amrocar. Visiting the library in the minotaur section will yield more information on the book. It is a critical item in the game. Near the arena is a training hall. At the north end of town is a closed temple that you will not be able to enter until Selias joins your party but note its location. You will need to get there in a hurry once you find Selias. Selias is in the Frosty Mug and meeting him triggers a dragon attack. Flee immediately to the closed temple and you can start your main mission. The closed temple is the entrance to the Tombs where you need to go. The Tombs is composed of 8 mazes. You enter in the Thieves' Guild maze that's connected to the white hall maze.

The white hall maze is the starting point for finding each of the 5 pieces of the oracle. The Thieves' maze has nothing of significance beyond battles and loot. You need to find the various hidden doorways that lead to the white hall maze. Move with Search on. It is generally a good idea to move with Search on in all the Tombs's mazes. In the white hall maze are:

1. A trapdoor that leads to a piece of the oracle but a circlet of gold is needed to retrieve that piece.

2. A teleporter that leads to a piece of the oracle but a heart-shaped key is needed to retrieve the piece.

3. A teleporter that leads to a small maze with a battle.

4. A teleporter that leads to the circus maze where another piece of the oracle can be found.

5. A secret door that leads to a teleporter in another room that leads to a maze where the heart-shaped key can be found. There are two teleporters in the heart-shaped key maze. Both lead back to the white hall. One goes back through another maze.

6. Stairs to the second level of the Tombs. Use the gold key from Fastillion.

7. A secret door to an evil temple dedicated to Hiddukel. The eyes are cursed.

The second level of the tombs contain the remaining two pieces of the oracle. The first piece is easy to find and get. The second piece is among the loot from a very hard battle with vampires. In the vampire battle room are two teleporters. One leads back to the white hall. The other leads to the column maze. The column maze is strictly for loot. It is an endlessly repeating maze. Five hollow columns contain loot. One requires the rusty key to open. To get out of the maze, find a solid column. There is a teleporter back to the white hall due south of one of the solid columns.


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Dark Queen of Krynn

Dark Queen of Krynn
  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 1992

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