Komplettlösung Dark Queen of Krynn


This is actually the first mission that is necessary. All the above missions provided experience points, loot, and clues as to what to do but nothing that is needed to complete the game. This mission provides two critical items: the ring of deception (which detects deception) and the scale necklace. The location of the Hulderfolk is hinted at in the pub at Trilloman. They are due east of the city. This maze has coordinates until the Mother of Trees task, then the coordinates vanish. The solution is simple. If you head due east, you will find the Mother of Trees (13,12). You start at (7,5). Tasslehoff Burrfoot is found at (1,6). When you rest, Elea will come and give you language lessons if you Wait. This is needed to complete the mission.

Once you have learned all the words (5 in all), you can proceed to (7,11). The answer to the challenge is Gebene. Then proceed to (7,10). Do NOT greet Elea. The answers to the Queen's questions are Gebene, Shuwara, Limene, Bilbara, Limene. There are further questions but the answers are obvious. To leave, you must count the leaves of the Mother of Trees. The coordinates disappear then but remember you are at (7,10) and most go to (13,12). Note the number of leaves you count. You will be asked to repeat it. The numbers are randomly generated. Once you have a number, going due west will return you to the glade. You do not have to go back to exactly (7,10). You must repeat the counting task until you figure out the solution to this puzzle. If you do not, then Elea will rescue you. Once you have done this task, the exit is north of the glade. Do as Elea asked. It is actually the only way to accomplish something later on.



This is logically the next mission and it has two parts: the town and the palace. The main mission in the town is to get a clay pass to get into the palace. The optional secondary mission is to help the rebels; however, the advantages of doing this make helping the rebels worth doing. The main mission in the palace is to disrupt the creation of more draconians and force Trandamere to flee to Hawkbluff. Until you do this, nothing happens in Hawkbluff. The town is a 22x22 maze. The first floor of the palace occupies the center of the maze. There are two ways to get a clay pass. The Thenol commander will give you one once you get orders from a Thenol officer in town. The rebels will give you one if you kill the Thenol officer and you help them.

You can get only one pass. Once you get into the palace, you should not leave until you have accomplished the palace mission. The first thing to do is enlist in the Thenol army. It makes the whole mission much easier. Then, you can explore the town and help the rebels. The key aid is freeing the prisoners. All else seems to be optional. The rebels have safe resting places, a magic shop, and two training halls you can use. The Hith temple in town is cleared by asking for a special blessing. Getting out is a three-part battle. Once you have cleared the town, it's time to visit the palace. The ground and upper floors are 15x15 mazes. The dungeon is a 16x30 maze with a smaller 4x10 Crypts maze. This mission has three parts.

First, you have to go to the dungeon to get the recruits. You can handle this part two ways. The easy way is get the recruits and try to lead them to Hawkbluff. The hard way is to refuse to do this. This leads to a very big battle. You should leave when the battle is over as you cannot do anything more until you see the queen. In either case, you can then visit the king. Actually, the person you want to talk to is the queen. She will help your character. Finally, you must go back down to the dungeon to stop the transformation of more dragon eggs into draconians. The Crypts is optional and has some minor loot. At some point you should meet Grunschka. She is a good NPC to add to your party and she'll stay with it to the end. The second story of the palace has some encounters worth looking for. The royal chambers have nothing of significance except meetings with the king and queen. You can rest on the ground floor and below once you locate and disable the gong.


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Dark Queen of Krynn

Dark Queen of Krynn
  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 1992

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