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WARNING: There is a bug in some versions of this game. If you confront Trandamere by going in through the front door of his room, you will not be able to leave Hawkbluff. You must go in through the secret back entrance with Davik. A ziggurat pass gets you into the room through the front door. (See BUG LIST at the end of this walkthru.) The clues in New Aurim point to this place as the next stop. The goal is to recover the lost book of Amrocar. The maze here is a mapper's delight or nightmare depending on how you feel about mapping. Accomplishing the mission is extremely simple once you figure it out. You need to find Davik and have him lead your party into Trandamere's room by the secret back door. Fight and chase Trandamere until he escapes.

During the fight, the book was thrown down a dumbwaiter which is waiting for the party in the kitchen. Everything else is optional. There are encounters in the catacombs and there are encounters after Trandamere flees in the Temple, Senate, and Library. There are battles with draconians on levels 4 and 5 (Temple level). It is NOT a good idea to attack anyone until after defeating Trandamere. Once the fortress is alerted, the battles are so numerous that you will not be able to do much else except fight battle after battle. To find Davik, see the jeweler and get a keyhole pass. Go through the front entry and take the first stairs to the left. Go east to find where you need a quill pass. Return to the jeweler to get a quill pass and return. You may need to wander a bit before the jeweler will deal with you again. Go down the corridor and check the rooms to the west.

One will have the lantern pass and Davik release. Go back to the first floor. Go north one square and then due west and follow the corridor south. This takes you to the jail and the jailer will take you to Davik. Davik will give you directions to where you want to go. A Look will allow you to ask directions or cancel a previous request. You want to go to the Senate. You want to follow Trandamere as he flees. Once he successfully flees through the teleporter, you want Davik to lead you to the kitchen where you recover the book. With the book, you can ask Davik to lead you to the Exit, or you can wander around looking for encounters before leaving. While you can attempt to rest after chasing Trandamere away, the only place with any chance of doing so is in the catacombs.



This is an optional mission. The objective is to free the town. This mission has two parts. First, you must clear the town of Sharkmen. This can only be done by finding Anthela who is hiding in the library which is at the west side of the town square. Then, you must go to the woods at the north end of town and kill the dragons there. This requires 3 battles. The battles seem to be random but try going to locations (14,3), (9,2), and (8,2). Do not kill the deformed dragon: he has information. There will be coordinates when you enter the woods. Surprisingly, Bai'or has a magic shop and it opens after your party defeats the sharkmen. It is at the east side of the town square.



This place is not marked on the map but is due east of New Aurim. It is useful to add Baldric to the party even though he seems to be useless. The mission here is to enlist the aid of the dragons. To do this you must fight a certain number of fixed battles and confront Tremor. The only truly safe place to rest is Clematra's lair. A Look will reveal if a place is relatively safe. You cannot enter Baldranous' lair. The secret word to enter Tremor's lair is written on the side of Journal entry 25 and is backwards. Attack Tremor and chase him when he flees. When he is cornered, be merciful. Tremor wants the scale necklace you got from the Hulderfolk. Spare his life when given the Vorpal sword. Afterward, you can return to Clematra's lair for more rewards.

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Dark Queen of Krynn

Dark Queen of Krynn
  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 1992

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