Komplettlösung Dark Queen of Krynn

If you accept the offer to see the gnome king, that starts the final sequence. If you need anything from the bank at Kristophan, it is best to go there before going to Aldinanachru. There is a shop and a training hall at Aldinanachru.



The mission is to find and rescue the real gnome king. All else is optional but worth doing for the loot. The king is imprisoned on the guest level. The entry is at the southwest corner. The training haall is on the workshop level. The shop is on the guest level. The palace, workshop, guest, and ground level are 16x16 mazes.



The Flame Tower is a series of 16x16 mazes. The floors appear to line up. You start off at level 4 but immediately drop down to level 0. You cannot go to the next level until you have accomplish something on each level. There are many other things to be done on each floor and some time should be spent doing them for the experience points and loot. Note the locations of stairs. Blocked stairs will open up as the mission progresses. A Look will reveal what level you are on. On level 0 the objective is simply clear all the rooms and find the stairs up. It does not matter which one you take. On level 1, the key action is letting the gnomes into the fortress. The portal is at the southeast corner of the floor. You must enter the fiery walls to find the way up.

On level 2, the way to the next level is by releasing Dahmia. She is Elea's mother and she'll take you to the next level when you say Elea to her. The prisons are in the northwest corner of the level. On level 3, the way to the next level is to find the source of the draconian's power. This is inside the fire section at the south end of the level. Due east of the source is the font master. After the fight at the source, you can get a lift up at a shaft. On level 4, you must find the Temple. That draws you into the Abyss where you meet Raistlin. Follow the corridor until you see a series of arches. The innermost room defined by those arches is the Temple. There is a big two-part battle that must be won. You go directly into the abyss after the battle. You can rest in the abyss only after you arrive. There is no rest afterwards.

This sequence is simple. Go west until you see a building. It will be just south of your line of travel. Rescue Raistlin AFTER talking with him, and then go due west to find THE DARK QUEEN OF KRYNN. The object is to return through the portal. You cannot defeat Takhisis and you cannot rescue Raistlin. The exact sequence is Creep, Creep, Wait, Throw (use someone with high Dexterity; success is a random event but you should succeed unless the dice rolls are really bad.), Run, Wait, and Jump. Do NOT investigate the tripod. Save the game, heal, and then move away after casting preparatory spells. The final part of the Flame Tower mission is to hunt down the missing Grathanich. At this point, the various blocked stairways should be open, so you can use them to move from floor to floor. The Grathanich is on the second floor in the northwest section of the level just south of the prison cells.

After this battle you return to Aldinanachru for the victory celebration. Train and rest first before attending as there is one last battle to be fought.



The following are known bugs in Version 1.0 of THE DARK QUEEN OF KRYNN:

1. Sometimes you cannot get some of your characters back under control after putting them in Quick mode no matter how fast you hit the space bar.

2. The computer will sometimes put monsters in a room with no doors. The only way to end a battle in this case is to flee the area. This bug in conjunction with bug 1 means that the only way to end the battle in this case is to reboot the system. You can avoid this battle or enter the battle area from another direction. This rearranges the battlefield disposition of the enemy troops and the close room problem may not occur.

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Dark Queen of Krynn

Dark Queen of Krynn
  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 1992

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