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The land of Eriosthe is being threatened by the evil magician, Uukrul who was once of the Ancient. Therty led by the brave Mara is rumoured to be slaughtered during their mission to eliminate Uukrul. Mara is captured and imprisoned in Chaos, the jail of Uukrul. Yourrty is chosen to infiltrate Eriosthe and find a way to destroy Uukrul and rescue Mara. Yourrty will need to search for clues and solve puzzles during game play.

Character Development


Fighter and ladin will gain levels much faster initially in the game as the priest and magician will not be very powerful at low level. Fighter andladin can wear the heaviest armor and wield the most powerful sword. At highest level, they can do 200-300 demage points depending on the weapons used. Paladins can lay their hand on enemy to demage them or heal your party.



Priest should try to invoke prayers as soon as possible. The priest will need to go to temple if he thinks he is qualified for a better ring. Gaining levels will usually rewards the priest with one or two rings. However, if the priest will have a better chance of getting a higher ring if he is able to invoke the prayers of the gods successfully. The prayers to Ufthu are useful during combat.

RALKOR will send an arrow to strike the strongest opponent. KARNH will heavily injure monsters adjacent to the priest. DROM will give strength to yourrty so that they cause more demage. IDRIS is very demaging to all undead creatures present. THOL will make your opponents less effective in combat. Prayers to Drutho are useful in dungeon exploring. UMESH will attempts to translate the script on the wall. HOYAMOQ will try to force the secret door open, usually a few prayer is required before the door is opened. TAPU will reduce demage done to the rty in dangerous area. BYNDU is the prayer with no arent purpose. MORPETH will help to reduce encounters when exploring. BELAMOQ is the most powerful door opening prayer, no secret door could withstand its power if successfully invoked. However, it is usually not answered and cost a great amount of virtue points.

Prayers to Gothur are for healing purposes. SIRDHE is the basic healing prayer, it will heal a certain amount of wounds from each character. HOLNAK will increase your fighting power. ELIS will heal completely the character with the lowest hit points. TELIS will heal therty completely, but it is only answered at an altar. BEYONG will remove poison and plague from therty. Usually answered in a sanctuary. Prayers to Fshofth is necessary under certain situation. NULAMIR will attempts to silent the enemies. TULAR is only answered at an altar. If successfully invoked, it will increase the rty's food by 200 units.

RULASAIR is similar to TULAR but can be cast anywhere, however the increase is only 100 units and is more draining than TULAR. EMANUI is usually answered in a santuary, it give growing health. KUURAOTH is only needed to wake up the dark vision from the mirror that can tell the future of Eriosthe. LAIRIAN is needed to light the beacon.



Magician gain rings depending on their frequent usage of spells from articular discipline. For example, if you use fire spells frequently, then you will get the next higher ring of fire earlier than the other rings. Generally speaking, you will gain one or two rings everytime you gain level. The effects of the crystal spells are not given in the manual but you can learn about them by casting CYQIEQARAQK, the tome of the Seer.


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The Dark Heart of Uukrul

The Dark Heart of Uukrul
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