Komplettlösung The Dark Heart of Uukrul

URTEHLN - Sanctuary Beneath the Pyramid

4 cards, 4 stops, 4 keys, 4 locks, 1 final door and 1 stone heart, 1 final card before you drt. This place consists of six levels. The number of magic card your magician carries will determine which levels yourrty will be teleported when you step into the elevator. And at anytime, waving the card will bring you to the teleporter. The first card is found behind a secret door at level 1. Give the card to your magician, and then goto the next level. Level 2 is an area of torture, beware of the black circle, it might decrease your attributes permanently. There are 4 rooms in the four direction. Just go to the eastern room and you will find four rooms. Press the buttons to reach different places. Keep doing so until you have found 4 keys and 1 card.

Goto level 3 when you find the card. The third level is easy, simply go to the 4 corners and select the unlock function if it is not demaged. After that, activate it to reach level 4. Those grates that are still not unlocked can be unlocked by the 4 keys you found. Look around this place until you find 2 cards and Nalusi. Nalusi will give you a stone heart before he die. There is a bone of cursing which can be use in combat, wave it for it to take effect. Give 4 cards to the magician to reach level 5. There is a secret door to the west. Get the card. Give 5 cards to your magician and travel to level 6. To the west is a secret door that hide a war shield which you can give to your fighterladin. Head east to find the next sanctuary. Along the way, you will fight some monks and find a globe of blood. This globe can be used to see thest, but you need to wait sometime before you can use it again. Use it regularly as it give hints as to what is happening in thest.


URZHUT - Sanctuary of the Great Engineer

This area stretch over a large distance, so make sure you have enough rations and are powerful enough to survive through the long journey. Don't miss out any places in this area. There are quite a number of magical items for you to collect. You can get an enchanted robe and a hat of thought for your magician. Head east, eventually you will reach the control rooms. Get the key at the northern control room to open the grate. At the turbines, Close gate A and B but leave gate C opened. At the carriage control, enter STRIYA. Now the carriage is ready. At the northeastern corner, cast TALIS to reveal a secret door to a teleporter. If yourrty is weaken, you can choose to get back to URZHUT and take the carriage to reach URQOL, otherwise you can continue the search for the hammer.

Use the map as a guide to find the hammer. The pits are difficult, so if possible, bring along some ropes. At the very bottom, Speak DARNUTH to open the secret door behind Mara's vision. A daemon will be guarding the obsidian hammer. Kill it to get the hammer. Now teleport to 4 and head for the carriage. The reason gates A and B are closed is because you need to walk ss the rooms, if they are opened, the rooms will be flooded. Gate C must be open in order to supply energy for the carriage, otherwise it won't move.


URQOL - Sanctuary Beneath the Cube

This place is in fact a cube. Picture the map as one on top of the other. And in this way, pit are directly connected. If you drop from a trapdoor, you will be at the place directly below. Keep this in mind when you are using the maps provided. The battle here is quite tough, so yourrty should be at least level 10 in order to survive long enough. Look for the bronze key at level 4. Anyway, at level 6, you will find a trapdoor with 3 handles, pull them in the order 2,1,3. This is to open the doors at level 5. Follow the map to level 4 to get the stone heart. FInd your way to the grate at level 7. If you have not find the key yet, speak the word QOLARIS to open the secret door in the room to the east of the grate.


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The Dark Heart of Uukrul

The Dark Heart of Uukrul
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