Komplettlösung The Dark Heart of Uukrul

URQASTUR - Sanctuary of Adron's Legions

This place is a bit unstable at first. There are a number of portals that will teleport yourrty to some places the first time you step on them. However, the portal will be gone once it is activated. So don't be surprised when you are teleported to an area not included in the maps provided. The maps only show those area that are stable. There are numerous secret doors in this region. The password used are DRASZ and SALUNH. Speak them to open the secret doors. Travel around to gather the 4 messages in gold. Use the teleporters to reach heart hall. When you are there, walk around the place, there is a spot where your rty will be able to get inside. The teleporter here is HEARTHALL. And the 4 secret doors can be opened by speaking 4 words.

The words are decode as follows: Pick the nth letter of the nth message and than put them together to form a word. E.g. First inspect runes, each letter is given however taken F i r e l i g h t answer: Firelight. Open the secret doors and fight the creatures behind it. You will need to fight a wraith, two fire drakes and one titan before you can reach the last door. If you are having a hard time, retreat to the teleporter and rest at any sanctuary. Teleport here again when you are strong enough. Behind the last door is another stone heart. The fight with the Titan is very rewarding, about 8000 experience point per character. Keep on fighting him until all your characters reach level 15 and have get all the crystal rings.


UROQLAMN - Sanctuary of Adron's Palace

You will find yourrty in a hall covered with dice squares. You will find Adron's die when you defeat the necromancers. Search for the secret door as indicate on the map. You will find a room with some buttons for you to press. The third button will add a diamond, the second button will light the dice square equal to the number of diamonds. So, the sequence should be 3,2, 3,2, 3,2, 3,2, 3,2, 3,2. Make sure all the 6 dice squares are lit before you proceed. Go back to the hall to check it out. The dice square should be lightened up by now. Casting Adron's die when you are standing on the dice squares will bring you to another location.

Now, walk to dice square 3 and cast the die. You will find yourself in the next location, walk east and you will find Sagaris. Speak SAGARIS to open the secret door and follows him. He will brief you on your mission. The teleporter here is SURAQIS. The altar here will be able to let your priest invoke TULAR to provide food for yourrty. The other teleporter here will bring you to a code machine just follow the map. Search this area for secret doors to find all the hidden messages. You will need to find the beacon codes, beacon commands and instructions. After that, go to the next level and visit all the 4 quadrants. Take note of the 4 quadrant keys. There are 4 gargoyle riddles in this area. The answers are: HAMMER, SAGARIS, PRIEST and MAGICIAN. If you answered incorrectly, you will be sent to some other places.

From what I know, there are two different places. In the first place, you can get out by walking through the walls. In the second place, there is no way to get out by searching or walking. Instead, check the inventory of your magician, a strange scroll is added to his bacck. By reading it, the rty will be able to escape from here. Behind the riddles are four prophecies about the future of Eriosthe. Cast Adron's die to reach the next level. There will be another 3 riddles in this place. The first two riddles is obvious, as for the third, inspect Areth's plague. After answering the riddles, you will find Uukrul inside. Since you don't have the obsidian heart yet, he will disappear before you can kill him. The fight is not difficult though. Cast MUZAQ two times and he will disappear. Now, search Uukrul's room, you will find two secret doors, speak UUKRUL to open it.

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The Dark Heart of Uukrul

The Dark Heart of Uukrul
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