Komplettlösung The Dark Heart of Uukrul

You will find another stone heart and a code book. By now you should have found at least 6 stone hearts already, go to the heart urn and insert the hearts. You will then be able to get the obsidian heart of Uukrul. Use Adron's die to goto the hall with 5 dice squares. Step onto the square with 5 stars and cast the die. Follow the map and find your way to the Beacon Arming Machine. Beacon Arming Sequence: use code machine, enter code, command, key e.g. enter VGAK, DIVIDE, 6

result: north quadrant 1231

Alternative Arming Sequence: use code book, translate code, then apply command with key. E.g. using code book, V=7, G=3, A=8, K=6 therefore, 7386 DIVIDE 6 = 1231

Enter the arming sequence in the order north,east,south and west. The beacon will then be armed. After arming the beacon, go back to find Uukrul. Cast the obsidian heart in his presence and he will be trapped in this plane forever. His soul will always regenerate his hit points when he is critical, only the obsidian hammer can split his soul and kill him. After killing him, you will find an ornate key. Use the key to open the grate in his room. His treasure room contains large amount of money and some precious items. But you should have no need for them now, so proceed to the next sanctuary.


URXASZEL - Sanctuary Beyond the Beacon

Sagaris will give you instructions when you reach here. There is nothing in this place, but you will need to go to CHAOS to save Mara.



At any teleporter, enter CHAOS and you will be here. A map of CHAOS is given. In this place thessages warp around, i.e. if you head north, after sometime you will reach the same old place. Most of the walls are one sided, i.e. you can walk through one side of them but not both. Many spinner traps are found here, so check your map and coss. At certain locations, your coss will not work and you can't map. Well, there is nevertheless a good news: there is absolutely no fighting in this place. Just puzzles solving. So, to aid you in your quest, i have found a very simple way for you to rescue Mara. Follow the instructions closely unless you want to do it your own way.

1. Give the 5 card of moving to your magician. When you step out of the teleporter CHAOS. Walk to the elevator just infront of the cage where Mara is trapped. You will be teleported to a place, head east and you will find a teleporter there. It has button numbered 1 to 4.

2. Press 3. Walk east, east to get reach the card room. Get card. But don't give the card to your magician yet. Go out and step into the elevator again. Walk to teleporter.

3. Press 2. Walk north, then west to get the ornate key. Walk west, west then face east. You will find a grate here. Open it with the key and step into it. Read the map. Turn back and walk outside. If you cannot find the grate, you can go to the teleporter again and press button 3, then walk east then west to find the grate.

4. Give the 6th card to your magician. Walk into the elevator. You will can to a place where you cannot map. You will need to touch all six latches within 18 steps.

. . R

L .

. E A

C . . . . V .



Y <- you will be here when you step into elevator. You might need to perform this sequence a few time. Head north until you reach latch A. Make sure the message mechanism restarted' is there, otherwise you need to move around until it is so. After that, follow theth indicated: A - V - C - L - R - E - Y. When you have done that, the cage imprisoning Mara will be opened.

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The Dark Heart of Uukrul

The Dark Heart of Uukrul
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