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The story takes place in two different worlds. You, the main character and narrator, are retelling a story that you are asking us to believe happened to you. In addition to this personal story, the experience you are retelling includes nightmare experiences (6 in total) that you lived through while you were also living through the real world experience. In the game, certain events in the main story trigger the house into its nightmare state - the house goes blue-y and whispers. At this point, you must find a portal to a nightmare and complete one nightmare in order to be allowed to come back and continue with the main story. There are 3 nightmares, but 6 experiences since you will have to do each nightmare as both the victim and the victimiser (There are also 2 wonderful recitations of Poe's - but these are extra to the game).

The 2 portals for the same nightmare are clos to each other. The pair of portals for the 3 different nightmares are scattered throughout the house. The following walkthrough goes through the main story with minimal exploration and minimal moves. It gets to the events that trigger the house to go blue-y. Following these segments of the main story, there is a short walkthrough for each nightmare. Unlike most games, the moves in Darkeye are primarily looking, moving and clicking on objects. So the walkthrough deals with gameplay at that level, rather than describing what you are trying to accomplish with the mouse click . The game manual describes a read option for the cursor. This is a cupped hand and you move left and right across a person or object and lets you read something about their thoughts or spirit. I have referred to this as read in the walkthrough. You can also jump between characters within a nightmare when the eyes of the other person flicker. This walkthrough does not elect this option.

Main Story

You begin outside your Uncle's house. Use knocker and be admitted. Walk straight back to the studio room where your Uncle Edwin is at the easel. Click (mouse) on Uncle a few times to talk to him. Click on picture on floor by the windows. Click on black glass on the table near Uncle Edwin. Click on this glass in close-up (which should give it back to Uncle Edwin). Turn away and then turn back toward Uncle. He tells you that your brother Henry is here. Leave that room and go up the stairs to the room directly in front of you (the piano room). Click on open door and then enter. Click on your brother Henry. Turn to Elise. She talks and then the house goes in to Nightmare Mood.

Return from 1st Nightmare

Return to Uncle's studio and click on the portrait on floor. Turn right and talk to Uncle. Go behind painting on easel + look at it. Go further into this room to your Uncle's office. Look at Mind Map on desk. Look at letter from Brother Henry to Uncle Edwin. Leave this area and go upstairs. Go to Henry's Bedroom (right turn at top of stairs and 2nd door on the right on the wall ahead of you that has two doors). Go in and click on Henry. After Henry leaves, you want to wander a little. Try going to the basement and then go through the painting gallery (with paintings on wall at bottom of stairs, not the studio with the easel). You want to keep wandering and then coming back to the bottom of the stairs. The event you want to trigger is seeing Henry at the bottom of the stairs, calling up to Uncle Edwin in a conversation. At the end of this conversation, the house goes into Nightmare Mood.

Return from 2nd Nightmare

Go to Uncle's studio. Talk to him (click on him) at least twice. Look at painting on the floor by the wall and then go and look at new painting (there should be one) in the gallery. Go upstairs to Piano room. Knock on the door and then enter (you can't just enter). Talk to Elise. Take the note from her. Sit at the Piano. HOLD left mouse button down to play the piano tune all the way through. Turn back to Elise when she gasps. The house goes into Nightmare Mood.

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The Dark Eye

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