Return from 3rd Nightmare: Komplettlösung The Dark Eye

Return from 3rd Nightmare

Examine the paintings in your Uncle's studio and in the gallery. Return to the piano room and retrieve the note you left on the piano. Take the note to Henry in his bedroom. After this scene, there is a knock on the door. After talking to the servant, go to bedroom next door (Elise's room). Go toward Uncle. As Uncle requested go to studio and get the lantern. This is the one near the easel, not on the desk. Take the lantern back to the bedroom. Set lantern on table and turn to leave. The house goes into Nightmare Mood.

Return from 4th Nightmare

Return to Elise's bedroom. Take lamp as Uncle asks. Go to basement and through the tunnel to the vault. Put lantern on the shelf. Click on Uncle. Follow him out of the tunnel. The house goes into Nightmare Mood.

Return from 5th Nightmare

Examine paintings on easel and on floor in the studio and the paintings in the gallery. Go upstairs and start down the hallway on your left. Go to the 1st door on the right (open air room). You should find Henry there. (When the house is blue-y, going out into the air gives you the recitation of Annabelle Lee and then returns you to the blue-y house to find a nightmare.) Talk to Henry. Read him. Go back to your Uncle's studio and talk to Uncle Edwin. Follow Uncle into his study, to the desk. Click on Uncle. Take the note. Read the note. Go to the top of the stairs. You should find Henry there. Click on him. Then follow him to the front door and then out on the cliffs. Watch entire scene. Then turn back to house. See Uncle. Then scene goes into Nightmare Mood.

Return from 6th Nightmare

As you finish the last nightmare, the game should return you to a final, almost automatic sequence that briefly reviews the nightmares you have experienced. I was landed at the Red Death tapestry. Go through the door and keep going straight - or whichever direction the hand cursor shows you. You will be taken back through one scene from each nightmare as you knock down each wall with the pickaxe you are carrying (8 times). You reach Elise, risen from her coffin. Click on her and you are caught up to the real nightmare of what was behind all that just happened in the real life story. And the game ends.

The Nightmares

The locations (triggered when house goes into nightmare blue funk).

Cask of Amontillado (not sure of spelling in this one)

Monstrosore (victimiser) - wine bottle

Fortunato (victim) - wine glass



Egaeus Poyton (victimiser) - knife (or letter opener) on desk

Bernice Poyton (victim) - bird cage next to desk


Tell-Tale Heart

Young Man (victimiser) - Cleaver Knife next to fish on butcher block (room next to art gallery)

Old Man (victim) - Fish on butcher block (room next to art gallery)

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