Cask of Amontillado - Montrosore: Komplettlösung The Dark Eye

Cask of Amontillado - Montrosore

Go toward the bridge. Click on your servant in black to give him orders to leave you. Turn back and click on the two men on your right. Turn farther right (2 men have gone onto the bridge). Read Fortunato. Go to bridge, turn left and go onto bridge. Go toward folks in the background. Lady laughs, turn left, bald man talks, turn right + right again. You should be looking at lady in gold. Click on her. Turn right and go toward the 2 men at the end of bridge (really 3 men but hard to see). Click on F and then click on him again. Turn left and click on his friend. Turn back to F. Turn left and go off the bridge. Turn back to face bridge and talk to F. Click on him. You should now be taken to the villa. At the villa, go through gate (use hand) and then turn to right to vaults. Open door. In the first room, take the torch. Turn right to go straight ahead.

Can't guide you through the maze, but keep turning to F. throughout the journey to learn more of your thoughts about him. And try to serve him wine (to get him drunk) as you pass shelves of stored bottles. You should be able to eventually come out in a large cavernous room. F. walks to the back of a grotto in this room. Click on the chain next to him, HOLD AND DRAG the chain across his body to (screen) right. Then turn from him after he is chained in. Turn to bone pile. Move bones out of the way, pick up a brick. Turn back to low wall that goes across the front of the grotto. Click on an existing brick in the wall (you will get another new brick automatically). Keep on clicking on existing bricks with the new brick - between automatic dialogue scenes. When wall is all done. Turn and leave. After a few moves back through the caves, this should end this nightmare.

Cask of Amantillado - Fortunato

Look up from the water and read the man standing on the shore line across the water. Turn left to your friend and read him. Click on him. Turn around on bridge ad approach the bald man. Read him. Turn right and click on lady with purple mask. Turn and approach the lady in gold dress by the statue. Read her. Turn away and look into water. Turn back and read lady in gold dress again. Walk further back on the bridge and click on lady in purple mask again. Go back to stand by your friend and point at the man across the way on the shore. Turn and face your friend directly. Go to the lady in the gold dress. Then go to the street. Turn right. Then go forward and turn left. See the beggar. Turn right and meet M. Turn away. Turn back. Turn away. Turn back. Click on him (after a black screen, you should be at the vault). Turn around to M. Turn back around and take a torch.

Start walking. Read the skeletons. Take stairs on right. Read foot bones. As you wander, keep turning to M. and take wine when you come to it. When you see spiral artwork on the wall, turn to M. Click on M. Go forward into the large cavern. Put torch in holder. Turn to grotto and go toward the wine bottle in the back of the grotto. Turn around. Turn away and back and away - this is how you get the wall built. When wall is built, read the wall. Read the wine bottle. Read the skeleton. Turn back to wall. This should end this nightmare.

Bernice - Egaeus

Pick up the pen on the desk. Write beginning of letter. Open middle desk drawer. Read pendant. Turn right and then right again. Read portrait in red jumper dress 2 times. Read portrait over the fireplace. Read the fire in the fireplace. Pick up and examine the blue book on shelf (Poyton Family History) 2 times. Read green pasture painting (in set of 3 on wall) and then go to, and read , the window to the left of the Greek bust. Go back to the desk. See the letter to Dr. Reynolds and pick up pen and finish writing letter. There should now be a knock on the door. Look up, Bernice is at the door. Read the multiple images of her. Then click on B. as she approaches (automatic proposal + she swoons). Read the fan on the table next to armchair 2 times.

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