Bernice - Bernice: Komplettlösung The Dark Eye

Read the red desert painting (in set of 3 on wall) 2 times. Read the window to the left of the Greek bust again. Go toward the armchair. You should be able to see the flickering vision from an angle view and then move to get a front view. Then approach the wall with the 3 paintings. The paintings should all be black - with a swooning Bernice as you approach. Look out the window near the desk. Go back to desk. Look at the letter. Read the red jumper portrait 2 times. Wander around the room. Approach door from a down and to the right angle. Bernice should enter. Read teeth. Watch the scene of the swirling teeth all over the screen. See teeth in fireplace portrait. Read red jumper portrait.

Read the drawing with the severed head and read the Greek bust. Go to window by desk and look out. Sit at the desk again and then look up. Go to door. Open it. Click on maid (game goes to darkness). Back at desk and look at book. Try to take the box. Look at book again (there's a knock at door). Point and click on door. Click on your hand 3 times. Turn to fireplace. Go to shovel. Turn back to desk. Now take the box. After automatic scene, this should end this nightmare.

Bernice - Bernice

Look down at the drawer. Open it and take the note toward the back of the drawer. Return note to drawer. Go to trunk at bottom of the bed. Open the trunk and read the wedding dress. Go to writing desk. Take the book. Read the flower on the page. Pick up photograph. Read letter. Pick up pen and sign the letter. Pick up medicine bottle. Go to door and then turn left and go toward the bed (knock at the door). Turn back to door. Maid is there. Go out the door, down the stairs and turn right. Knock on the door and then enter. Click on Egaeus 2 times. Read him (proposal). Click on him again (all goes black and you awake back in your room). Go to desk and finish the letter. Go to dresser and approach the mirror. Go toward the door.

If there is a knock, walk around the room and re-approach the door. Maid should be there again. Go out the door and down to the library again. Open door. Click on Egaeus 2 times. Start to turn away and then leave. Go back to your room and pick up medicine (You are in red casket). Click to pound on inside of casket lid until the hand fades. After the automatic scene, this should end this nightmare.

Tell-Tale Heart - Young Man

Turn from the mirror and keep turning around to survey the room aan get a few comments from you in the mirror. Sit in the chair at the table, near the newspaper. Read the newspaper. Go to your room (first door on right down hallway). Go to the desk and take the chalk. Click on the art paper several times to draw the picture. When done, open drawer on right and read the glasses. Leave the room. In the kitchen, go to the window and then turn around. Old man should be there. Read him. Sit down at the table. Read the old man again. Wander around and then click on window. This should trigger the statement it's late.

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