Tell-Tale Heart - Old Man: Komplettlösung The Dark Eye

Turn back toward the old man and he goes to bed. Read the clock - time passes. You want it to be midnight. Go toward the old man's room. Turn left, just before his door, to see the lantern. Move slide control to close the lantern completely. Pick up the lantern. Open the door, you speak to explain that you do this every night, and go into room (light will fall on his bad eye and he won't move). You want to do this scene of old man going to bed a few times. These are the innocent nights when you are just checking on him. Then there is a replay when the clock is already at midnight. This is the night for the nasty deed. Enter the room, with lantern. This time, the small light falls on his good eye. He should move.

Open the lantern and go closer to him, as far as the cursor will allow. As heartbeats build, click the closed hand cursor on the old man in bed. You are next in Kitchen. Go to the saw on the wall to the left of the stove. Click on it. Now go back to old man's room. There should be bags with body parts on the floor. Go toward the bureau and look down. Grab the bag and turn right. Use the sunlit spot on the floor 2 times. This should pull up floorboards. Put bag down in hole toward the left. Grab second bag and do the same. Grab third bag and do the same. Put the boards back. There should be a knock on the door.

Go to the door to the left of the hatrack in kitchen. Open the door. After dialogue, turn from the police and go down hallway toward old man's room. Turn back toward the police. Then turn and continue to old man's room. Enter. After everyone is seated, read cop in doorway, turn right and read fat cop and then turn and read blond cop. While this last cop is searching the bureau, turn left toward fat cop and then keep turning from one to another cop as much as the cursor will let you. Read and click on fat cop. After automatic scene, this should end this nightmare.

Tell-Tale Heart - Old Man

Go to the window and see the blond cop. Read clock face. Go to table and look at newspaper. Get bowl from side cupboard and dish out soup from stove. Sit down and use spoon to eat. Click on soup several times to eat. Put spoon down and go to your room. Explore the room, dresser drawer (concert brochure, wedding ring, coins - read coins), table with candle (pick up book) and bookcase (portrait). Leave room and head toward kitchen. Young man should enter. Sit down at the table and eat some soup with him. Stand up, turn around and look at clock. Go to your room. Put out candle (with the cursor) and then climb into bed. Read your dream. Read the intruder. Click on the blinding light. After automatic scene, this should end this nightmare.

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