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What to do in ACT ONE?

Question Ethel. Watch Lillian put on perfume in the bathroom. Push the armoire to discover the secret room; spy on Lillian and Ethel. Spy on Fifi and The Colonel. Look at Dr. Wilbur's bed and doctor bag. Look at the Colonel's cigar. Look at Clarence's cigar. Move the Grandfather clock and the mirror; spy on Rudy and Gloria. Spy on Clarence and Gertrude. Look at the decanter of cognac.


Tasks needed to be completed before proceeding to ACT TWO.

Go into the Colonel's bedroom and see him with Fifi. Downstairs you must see Gertie and Clarence talking in the Parlor. See Rudy and Gloria in the Billiards Room. Later, you must see Gertie asleep in her room.

What to do in ACT TWO?

Look on the floor near Gertie's room; get the hanky. Search every dead body you find. Look at The Colonel's weapon's collection. Move the mirror and the Grandfather Clock to discover secret rooms; spy on Clarence and Wilbur. Question Lillian. Get the soup bone. Toss the bone to the dog. Search the dog house. See Wilbur sitting alone in the Library. Spy on Clarence and Gloria.


Tasks needed to be completed before proceeding to ACT THREE.

See Wilbur and Clarence arguing with each other outside. See Lillian and Celie in the kitchen together. See Wilbur reading alone in the Library. You can also find Gertie's dead body outside the Billiards Room.

What to do in ACT THREE?

Move the mirror, the Grandfather Clock, and the armoires to discover secret rooms. Find the cane in the secret room. Get the poker in the library. Spy on The Colonel. Search Wilbur's dead body; get the monocle. Examine any piece of evidence you find using the monocle. Watch Lillian play in the Playhouse. Spy on Gloria. Get the crackers from Jeeves' room. Talk to Celie, question her, return her necklace. Get the carrot from Celie's house. Look at Dr. Wilbur's bed, look at his doctor bag. Find the attic key hidden in The Colonel's room. Ride the elevator to the attic, read the newspaper. Look at the clothes in the trunk in the attic. Check this trunk again later in the play. See Rudy and Fifi fight.


Tasks needed to be completed before proceeding to ACT FOUR.

Discover Lillian in her playhouse reading to her dolls. Notice Gloria alone in the Billiards Room. See Rudy and Clarence argue in their guest room. See Rudy and Fifi together. You can also discover Wilbur's dead body in the stable.

What to do in ACT FOUR?

In the Billiards Room, examine the record and the mud with the monocle. Get the cigar butt in the secret passage. Search Gloria's dead body. See Clarence and Rudy fight. Feed a cracker to Polly the Parrot. See Fifi and Jeeves kiss. Catch Lillian in the Weapon's Cabinet.


Tasks needed to be completed before proceeding to ACT FIVE.

Catch Lillian looking at the Colonel's weapon collection. While exploring outside you must see Rudy, Clarence and Ethel wandering around. You can also discover Gloria's dead body in the Gazebo.

What to do in ACT FIVE?

Find the rolling pin while exploring the grounds. Examine the bootprint with the monocle. Get the crowbar and the oilcan from the Carriage House. Search Ethel's dead body. Watch Fifi put on make-up. Spy on The Colonel and Lillian. Smell the faint aroma of perfume in the secret room. Notice Rudy eating alone in the Dining Room. Notice Clarence drinking alone at the bar. Notice The Colonel without his wheelchair.


Tasks needed to be completed before proceeding to ACT SIX.

See Lillian with The Colonel in his room. See Rudy eating alone in The Dining Room. See Clarence drinking alone in the Parlor. Go into The Colonel's Room when he's not around. You can also find Ethel's dead body in the Carriage House.

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The Colonel's Bequest

The Colonel's Bequest
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