What to do in ACT SIX?: Game Guide

What to do in ACT SIX?

Search the wastepaper basket in the bathroom. Examine the bottle with the monocle. See Lillian hiding something in her suitcase. Search Jeeves' and Fifi's body. Thoroughly examine the decanter of cognac. See Clarence writing at his desk. Spy on Lillian when she's alone; spy on Clarence. Feed a cracker to Polly. Watch Rudy petting Beauregard.


Tasks needed to be completed before proceeding to ACT SEVEN.

See Lillian hiding her diary in her suitcase. See Clarence writing at his desk. See Rudy outside with Beauregard. Knock at Celie's front door. You can also discover that Jeeves and Fifi have been murdered, upstairs.

What to do in ACT SEVEN?

Feed a cracker to Polly. Read Clarence's notebook. Search Clarence's body. Read Lillian's diary. Take note of what's missing from The Colonel's weapon's collection. Pray with Celie in the Chapel. Watch Lillian playing in the Playhouse again. Enter the secret underground passageway through the Hedge Garden, discover the dead bodies. Find the next secret passageway. Use the crowbar to pry Ruby's vault open. Unbar the door to get out. Catch Rudy searching Lillian's room.


Tasks needed to be completed before proceeding to ACT EIGHT.

See Lillian in her playhouse again acting very bizarre. Go to the Chapel and pray with Celie. Read Clarence's journal. See Rudy searching Lillian's room. You can also discover Clarence's dead body.

What to do in ACT EIGHT?

Search Lillian's dead body, find the key. Get the gun and the bullet. Load the gun. Go into the attic through the door at the top of the stairs. Shoot Rudy.


Tasks needed to be completed to finish ACT EIGHT.

Find Lillian's dead body in the Hedge Garden. Hear a fight in the attic.

Basic Detective Skills

Colonel's Bequest is a PLAY divided into 8 acts. There are several tasks you MUST accomplish in each act to cause the play to progress.


How to progress through the acts ?

In every act there are certain tasks you must accomplish in order for the play to progress to the next act.


How to spy on people and find out what's really going on behind those closed doors?

Everytime I walk into a room and interrupt a conversation, the people stop talking! Push on either armoire upstairs to move it. Discover a secret room. You are able to peek through the eyeholes of the portraits to spy on anyone in the bedrooms. Do this often throughout the play. Downstairs, push on the Grandfather Clock or the mirror to eavesdrop on conversations.


How to closely examine the items you've found. What to use to yourself?

A real detective is never without a magnifying glass! You can find a monocle on Wilbur's dead body and use it to examine evidence in much the same way.

Information on each character

Information on the Colonel

The Colonel smokes a cigar, take note of it. Spy on the Colonel when he doesn't know you're watching. Spy on him when he's alone with Fifi and again when he's alone with Lillian. Spy on him when he gets out of his wheelchair to stoke the fire!


Information on Lillian

At the beginning of the play, watch Lillian in the bathroom as she puts on perfume. Spy on her private conversation with her mother, and again speaks to The Colonel. Question her when she's in the kitchen with Celie. Startle her when she's snooping through the Colonel's weapon's collection. Note her bizarre behavior when she's alone in the Playhouse (more than once). Towards the end of the play, read her diary.


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