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What to do in the Study?

The Colonel keeps his Weapon Collection in the cabinets and his derringer on the desk. Take note of what weapons he has. Later in the play, take note of what's missing. At a certain point in the play you discover Lillian searching through the cabinets.


What to do in the Kitchen?

You see Lillian talking to Celie in the kitchen. You can also attempt to talk to Celie. Get the soupbone from the icebox.


What to do in the Dining room?

Private conversations sometimes occur in The Dining Room. If you are able to eavesdrop you'll learn some interesting facts. At one point you find Rudy eating alone.


How to enter the Attic, what to do in there?

There are two ways to get into the attic. When The Colonel's not around, you can find the key to operate the elevator controls and ride up to the attic. Look through the trunk full of old army clothes and read the newspaper. In the eighth act, you will find another key on a dead body. Use that key to enter the attic through the door at the top of the stairs.


How to enter the Basement, what to do in there?

Towards the end of the play you discover a secret passage in the Hedge Garden that leads to the basement. Locate the small metal plate on the wall. Insert the crank into the metal plate (take the crank off the bell). Turn the crank to discover another hidden passage.


What to do in the Upstairs Bathroom?

In the beginning of the play you are able to watch Lillian putting on perfume in the bathroom. Later in the play, search the wastepaper basket.


What to do in the Colonel's bedroom?

You can see different people having conversations with The Colonel-Fifi talks with him and even kisses him (hmmmmm). Lillian also has a conversation with The Colonel. You can search for the elevator key when The Colonel is away from his room. Notice The Colonel's cigar. Try to spy on The Colonel when he doesn't know you're watching.


What to do in Lillian's room?

Towards the end of the play you will see Lillian hiding something in her suitcase. When she's not around you discover it's her diary! Still later, you can catch Rudy searching the room.


What to do in Ethel's room?

There is not much that occurs in Ethel's bedroom. You can talk to her at the beginning of the game.


What to do in Gloria and Gertie's room?

In the early evening you'll find Gertie napping in her room. Later you will discover signs of a struggle in this room.


What to do in Dr. Wilbur's room?

Notice Dr. Wilbur's bag on his bed. Later you will notice it's missing.


What to do in Clarence and Rudy's room?

Rudy and Clarence argue in their room. Later, Clarence naps in his room. Late in the night, you see Clarence writing at the desk. When he's not around you are able to read his diary. You will also see signs of a struggle and a bloodstain on the floor.


What to do in Fifi's bedroom?

At first you notice nothing suspicious in Fifi's room (except when Rudy's around). Later in the play, however, you discover a murder here! Search carefully for any clues or evidence. Thoroughly examine the decanter of cognac.


What to do in Jeeves bedroom?

Jeeve's room is in the cellar. Get the crackers that are on the table.


What to do at Celie's house?

Visit Celie more than once during the play. When she invites you in for a chat, get the carrot.


What to do in the Chapel?

Use the crowbar (that you found in The Carriage House) to pry up the loose floorboards and find an old Bible. Come back later and pray with Celie.


What to do in the Cemetary?

There is something in the tomb, but you can't get to it through the cemetary. You must take the secret underground passage through the Hedge Garden.


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