Komplettlösung Teen Agent

Part One - Training Camp

Show your pass to the guard. Walk down then path. Enter the door marked 001. Watch the small scene. The captain throws you in a cell. First, take the light bulb. Take the spring from the bed. Use the grating (crates in the game) until the captain gives you food. Put the wires on the food. Flip the switch. Use the grating again. Search the captain's body. Use the key on the door. Watch the scene. Leave the office. Search trash can. Go down path to left. Take plant next to brick wall. Go back to office. Use the delicate plant on the captain. Take his knife. Leave office and go back down path to left.

Use the spring on hard ground. Jump on the spring. Go up top path. Go right again. Use the knife on the fence. Use the shovel on the mysterious object. Go to camp entrance. Give kaleidoscope to the guard. Take grenade on guard's belt. Use grenade on rope. Go back to the captain's office. Give Soldier News to the captain. Watch the scene. Talk to the barman. Take crumbs at the table on right. Go to the mud pool. Climb pole. While in the mud, use the mug on the pool. Go to the captain's office. Use the grenade + rope on desk drawer. Watch small scene. Take medicine in drawer. Use medicine on the crumbs. Go to mud pool. Use the drugged food on pole. Take bird. Go to Cantine. Use bird on radio. Use mug full of mud on barman's mug. Talk to barman. Go through door to left. Poke blinking hole in upper right barrel. Watch scene.

Part Two - The Village

Look in boat. Talk to well for fun. Go left down path to forest. Talk to squirrel until he throws down the nut. Leave it for now. Enter house. Take chainsaw. Take rotten cheese on far right of top shelf. Go back to lake shore. Go down path to mansion. Take wrapper on ground by guard. Talk to guard until he gives you a piece of candy. Walk down lower path around mansion. Walk back to mansion front. When the guard starts drinking, talk to him. Take bottle. Walk to upper path around mansion. Use whiskey on chainsaw. Use drunken chainsaw on branch. Take branch. Use branch on broken paddle. Take wild plant.

Walk back to lake shore. Use paddle on boat. Take both flowers. Get back in boat. Walk down path to village. Talk to kid until he tells you to go away. Go up path to field. Kick the hen. Take feather, rake, and sickle. Also, search the haystack the sickle was leaning on. Go back to village. Open car door. Take comb. Pull lever. Search trunk. Open toolbox, then look in it again. Use spanner on basket. Watch scene. Enter house. Take fan and shotgun. Search drawers. Go back to the field. Use shotgun on crows. Take diving mask and fins. Use handkerchief on mouse hole. Use cheese on mouse. Take handkerchief. Go back to the village and down the path to the right. Use fan on laundry. Enter house. Talk to old lady.

Give flower to old lady. Take feather duster. Give flower to girl (Anne). Talk to mirror a few times for fun. Leave and go down path to cave. Use car jack on big rock. Take bone. Go back to village. Give bone to dog. Open valve and slam it shut. Open it again. Go down hole. Flip light switch. Take shovel. Try to take axe for fun. Go back to the forest house. Use candy on heart-shaped hole. Use heart-shaped candy on wrapper. Use feather duster on fireplace. Use feather duster on potato. Go back to old lady's house. Take rope (clothesline). Give wrapped candy to Anne. Use ribbon on rake. Go back to shore. Use sickle on well. Use diving mask on fins. Use diving gear. Just to left of the boat is an anchor. It's kind of hidden by seaweed.

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Teen Agent

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