Part Three - John Noty´s Mansion: Komplettlösung Teen Agent

Take it shortly after you dive in. If you didn't act fast enough, he'll say something like, I need more air in my lungs if I want to get that anchor . Use anchor on rope. Go to forest. Use rake on grass. Take nut. Go back to old lady's house. Use nut on imitation fruit. Go to mansion. Go down lower path around mansion. Wait for hedgehog to appear. Give plastic apple to hedgehog. Use feather on cone. Use needle on cone. Use shovel. Watch scene. Take small rock. Use grappling hook on wall. Watch scene. Walk down right path around mansion. Throw painted potato in hollow. Climb tree. Watch scene. Go back to mansion front. Go down path to meadow. Use dart on bee's nest. Open valve. Watch scene. Go to cave entrance.

Use sharpened sickle on bush. Enter cave. Put mouse in hole. Put rock in hole. Put glue on rock. Take nugget. Go back to mansion. Give nugget to guard. Watch scene. Talk to John Noty. Take money. Look at money. Go to old lady's house. Give money to Anne. Watch scene.

Part Three - John Noty´s Mansion

Try to leave for fun. Enter house. Walk left into kitchen. Take bottle of chili on counter. Take pastry roller on counter. Leave kitchen. Enter door on right (den). Pick up newspaper on shelf. Take remote control. Pick up cognac in ice bucket. Pick up tongs (pincers) in ice bucket. Leave den. Go upstairs. Search all desk drawers. There is a book you can look at. It's in the center row, second shelf up, far left book. Read the title. Open the drawer of that color. Now try to take the book. Take video tape. Look at trash can. Take trash can. Go to den. Put tape in VCR. Turn on TV. Use remote on VCR. Use polaroid on TV.

Search couch. Leave. Walk down hall to right. Enter center door (safe room). Talk to robot (Mike). Show photo to Mike. Leave safe room. Enter right door (bathroom). Use paper on cork. Use wrapped cork on sink. Turn on tap. Use chili on sink. Put label on cognac. Go to kitchen. Use fake chili on place where chili stood. Use pastry roller on radio. Take radio. Open refrigerator twice. Go back upstairs and get more paper. Got to kitchen. Use paper on hot plate. Use burning paper on meat. Take meat. Use meat on stew. Go back to bathroom. Use tongs on sock (sticking out of red trash can). Go to safe room. Show socks to Mike. Go to den. Use batteries on dictaphone. Use dictaphone on TV. Go show dictaphone to Mike. Take jar.

Take book. Watch scene. Hide in lower left edge of screen. Take door handle (John Noty set it down). Go to hallway. Use handle on square hole in bathroom door. Open door using handle. Take one of the time pills. Flip switch. Open door on right. Watch scene. Go to den. Enter open wardrobe. Use chili on John Noty. The End!

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