Excerpts from the Life of Arthur: Komplettlösung Sword of Aragon

You then lose because the untouched enemy units are free to attack your pooped-out unit without retaliation. Protect your mages and clerics at all costs. When they reach the higher levels, they can be devastating. The final battles can only be won if you have high-level spell casters in your party. You do not need very many spell casters. Two clerics and two mages should be sufficient, and they can be acquired naturally. Clerics and mages cannot be trained; they advance only by combat. Your knights and warriors can also be devastating at the higher levels. Keep them all together as a unit. Together they can attack at odds as high as 10 to 1 and win, but only if they are level 10 or higher. Knights, warriors, and rangers can only advance by combat.

Rangers should be treated as mages even though they have some fighting ability. The program has a definite formula for deciding who to attack. Archers and spell casters rank low in that formula. Knights, calvary, and infantry units rank high. With proper positioning and stacking, your bow units, clerics, and mages will never be attacked in a battle. While certain places eventually become pacified (e.g., Paritan after you take Gernok), you'll still need to place a unit and maintain fortification in that place; otherwise, the place will be looted. You do not have to maintain much of a force. Also the attacks do not suddenly end: They taper off. Zarnix, Char, and Gernok are never free from attack.

I suspect that all three can be abandoned after conquest, although there are practical reasons for keeping all three of them. The proper development of the cities is important. Agriculture provides food to feed the people; however, you cannot grow food in the winter. In the winter you must eat surplus or imported food. To store the surplus food, you must build Structures. To generate money during the winter months to buy food, you must develop Commerce, Manufacturing, and other industries that can function all year 'round. The likelihood of random monster attacks depends on the state of your Fortifications. The more formidable they are, the less likely the monsters are to attack. Each city differs in its ability to grow food, generate commerce, support lumbering, etc., and requires different development.

It is also important to keep your subjects loyal and happy. Feeding, housing, and enriching them will keep them content. On the IBM when you save a game, you create four files:





The x' is the save letter. So if you save to C', you should get files titled:





Saving a save consists of copying those files to another directory.

Excerpts from the Life of Arthur

Arthur of Aladda: No man has a greater place in Aragon history or culture than Arthur, the Sword of Aragon. Most of what is commonly known about Arthur is pure fiction and is the creation of the 16th century Arthurian revival. Some aspects of the legend are grounded in reality. Arthur frequently used a spare wagon wheel as a table in his campaign. The real story of Arthur needs no elaboration. It's as exciting and romantic as any Arthurian fable.

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