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The fight for Estallah was in many ways the toughest fight of all as Arthur had no choice but to make a frontal assault against 4,000 Imperials. It is during this battle that Pitlag made his final known appearance in Arthur's life. Pitlag's eventual fate is unknown. He and Arthur did not fight each other as popular legend would have us believe, although Merlin recorded that Arthur had seen Pitlag wearing the armor of an Imperial general on the battlefield; so, that much of the legend is true.

The battle for Estallah proved very costly, so Arthur spent the rest of the year preparing for Tetrada. The assault on Tetrada started well. Scouts found a weak point in the defenses on the west side. However, Arthur found the home-based Imperial troops to be of even higher levels than the Imperials he had been fighting before. Their infantry was actually better than his infantry. The battle was won mainly by the power of his clerics and mages and his army fought a defensive battle, attacking only Imperial units that had been dispersed by Pyro and Disintegration spells, or weakened with Xhaust and Fear spells. Arthur did have standing orders for all units to attack any Imperial cleric or mage they could find.

With Lucinian dead and Tetrada under his control, Arthur needed to find the Scepter of the Eastrealm to formalize his rule. As soon as his army had recovered from the losses at Tetrada, Arthur marched south for Dersh. Again, Paritan proved to be a rich source of new recruits. New units from Paritan met Arthur at Estallah after marching through the Gernok pass. Dersh proved to be located due west of Lucedia. After Tetrada, the titans were rather easy.

The legends were correct. The titans did have the Scepter. Since Arthur had no reason to hold onto Dersh, he burnt it to the ground, and left.

At the pass between Dersh and Lucedia, Arthur was treacherously attacked by the Frahali Knights who claimed the Scepter belonged to them. Weakened by the fight with the titans, Arthur barely managed to win the battle. With the Knights destroyed, Arthur became the direct ruler of Lucedia.

Arthur then headed for Tetrada with the Crown, Amulet, and Scepter, and was crowned Emperor of Aragon. Most stories of Arthur end at this point. In reality, Arthur still had much to do. Nuralia had still to be conquered. The problem of the hostile Medeval Elves had to be dealt with. The monsters would still be plaguing the areas around Gernok, Zarnix, and Char for many generations to come. Marinia would still be subject to giant attacks.

However, with the might of an united Aragon behind him, Arthur and his descendants were eventually able to deal with these problems. Indeed, after his crowning as Emperor, Arthur became so busy administrating the empire, his son, Mordred, was given command of the army, but that is another story.

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