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Finally, unpleasant though it may be, search the body. Aha! A silver bullet. In fact, it's a bullet from your gunbelt, thoughtfully placed on the scene as additional evidence against you. Take the bullet and put it back in your belt. Under no circumstances remove the rope; if you do that, you will never get a conviction against the real killer. Since there is some time yet before the murder is discovered and the police arrive, you can go pick up another vital piece of evidence, in the kitchen. Make your way back to Long Hall South, then straight North to the Dining Room and from there East into the Kitchen. Here is a trashbasket with the remains of the broken glass that Veronica dropped.

Careful now; don't get the glass (or you'll spoil the fingerprints on it!), get the whole basket (you may feel a bit odd running around with the trashbasket, but it's necessary!). Now it's time to play hide and seek. The trashbasket in hand, you now make your way to the garage. Go North at the Hallway Intersection (you should know how to get there by now!), until you come to the door to the walkway. The door is locked, but fortunately, being on the inside, you can unlock it, and open the door. Go North onto the walkway, then West to the garage. The first thing you notice is a tool chest. Open that, and get the crowbar. Now you can take a moment to admire the BMW and the Mercedes, but don't take too long.

Someone will be coming soon. So, hide behind the Mercedes and wait. In fact, you can wait for Michael. The reason you are waiting is that, while you've been busily collecting evidence, a carefully-faked argument has taken place in the Ballroom. This will lead to the discovery of the body by Michael, Colonel Marston, and Cochrane. And as soon as Michael leaves the office, he will head straight for the garage (if you've played this part before, you may have been suspicious of his doing something so odd, but following him won't help you to find out what he's up to). And yes, here he comes. From your vantage point, you can see him open the trunk of the BMW, although what he's doing there isn't clear yet! Keep waiting until he leaves (by that time, the police will have arrived), then open the BMW trunk with the crowbar. Well, look at that, there's a Trust Folder in the trunk!

Drop the crowbar and get the folder. The next part is crucial, and you have very little time to spare. You must get back to the Fireplace in the Ballroom as soon as you can. You have to be there when Marston arrives, or you'll lose an important piece of evidence. While you've been breaking into the car trunk, Michael and Marston have been meeting briefly in the library, where Michael hands over a piece of paper to Marston. You could hide in the library, and watch the transaction (instead of first going to the garage and hiding there), but still you have to go the garage later anyway. Either way, you must get to the Fireplace quickly. So high-tail it directly back to the Ballroom. Don't take any time to do sight-seeing.

Once at the Fireplace, just wait. You won't have to wait very long. Marston will come in, and try to burn something in the Fireplace. Grab the paper before it's reduced to ashes. Whew! That was a close one. At this point, you have two ways to go. You can try spooking the guilty parties, or you can just go about giving your evidence to the detective, and let it go at that. If you want to try shaking up Michael and Alicia (you probably guessed that by now), you need to show your evidence to them. Show everything that concerns Michael to Michael, and everything that concerns Alicia to Alicia (don't forget the analysis reports later on).

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