Komplettlösung Suspect

This is tricky, since you must also give the detective some of your evidence, before he decides to arrest you, so watch your timing if you want to go about doing this (I won't tell you what happens; try it and see for yourself). Speaking of the detective, it's time to go find him and begin presenting some of the items you've been collecting. He's usually in the vicinty of the office, checking out the various rooms, after which he heads to the Ballroom and stays there. You don't want to wait for that, since he'll probably arrest you for the crime. It's better to go after him, and give him a few other things to think about. Once you've located the detective, and he stays in one place long enough, you can begin to hand over some ofyour little treasures. First, have him get the glass analyzed for fingerprints (and now, at last, you can drop the trashbasket).

While Duffy is on his way to the lab, give the detective the two folders and the paper. Hey, that sure got him interested, didn't it? However, hangon to the mask and the card, because it's not yet time for those (by the way, have you looked inside the mask yet? You'll need to get that hair analyzed too, and Duffy isn't here to do that). You still need some more evidence to wrap up the case, so head back once more to the Ballroom. Along the way, stop off in the East Coat Closet, and pick up the wet overcoat. A quick glance at the label tells you that it belongs to Alicia. Hmm, suspicious that it's so soaked, and it was only drizzling when she arrived! When you get to the Ballroom, locate Cochrane (dressed as an astronaut).

You'll most likely find him at the Bar. Show him the card, and he will give you some important (verbal) evidence. Now go back to the Fireplace, and hang out until the detective arrives. When he does get there, show him the coat. He doesn't seem too impressed, so tell him about the rain (NOTE: There is a variance among the different computer versions. Save the game first, and then try: TELL DETECTIVE ABOUT RAIN. If that doesn't work, restore and try: TELL DETECTIVE ABOUT WEATHER. One or the other of these should do the trick). Somewhere along the line, the detective will get the fingerprint analysis and show it to you (actually, he gives it to you). You aren't surprised to find that it's not Veronica's prints on the glass.

Now, have the dark hair analyzed (did you ever look at Veronica's hair? She is (or was) a blonde). While you wait for the hair analysis, give the business card to the detective (you don't have to tell him about Cochrane). Then just wait again until the hair analysis comes back. All right, this is the big moment! Tell the detective to arrest Michael and Alicia. Your evidence makes an air-tight case, and both Michael and Alicia will be in prison for a long, long time! For a journalist, you're a pretty good detective (of course, there was a small incentive involved).

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