Komplettlösung Stonekeep

Special Note: Since that neat scroll you have can hold just about anything in the known universe, don't pass up items. You never know when another skull or stone or something will come in handy.

WARNING: I started off writing down EVERYTHING, but figured that'd get boring, so after I while, I started skipping a LOT of secret stuff. This walkthrough only contains the absolute essentials to beating the game (plus a few little bonuses you might not have caught before).

1. Pick up just about everything you can find in the room. Always punch rubble piles and piles of bones to see if there's anything there. You should find a skull, a healing root, and a throwing stone. Exit through the door with rock in hand. Wait for the ant to pass by. You can throw the rock at the ant (and probably kill it), or punch it a few times to kill it. That's about as far as the walkthrough the game comes with takes you.

2. Take your first left, and read the plaque at the end of the hall. Go into the guard room. You'll find a leather breastplate in there, plus, in the chest, you'll find a scroll, heal potion, five heal roots, and a dagger. Arm + armor yourself. Wander around until you find Thera again (the glowing ball). Note the lever on the wall. Pull it; it'll unlock the door, but DON'T go through yet! Push the handle back up again, then pull it down again. Now, walk south to the wall, turn east, and walk to the end of the hall. Turn north and walk two squares north. Turn left, and search the wall for a hidden stone that wasn't there before.

There's a lever; pull it. A secret door opens up just to your south and behind you. Go through it, and grab the three oil bombs. Look at the north wall to find another hidden brick; there's a Dagger of Penetration there. Equip it. It's actually one of the more powerful weapons in the game, believe it or not. There's also a throwing rock in the rubble.

3. NOW go through the exit door (where Thera is). You'll run into the Shadowking. No, he won't kill you now. After he does his monologue, go into the corridor and turn right, then follow the corridor around and take your first left. Go to the door on the right. Kick the Sharga's butt and take his sword, heal root, gold coin, and brass key. Exit and go north. Use the brass key on the lock. Go inside, smash the barrels. Grab and equip the wooden shield. Exit and go north to the next room. Unlock the door. Smash the left barrel. Kill the two warrior ants that come out. Smash the right barrel and take the heal roots. Continue north.

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.03.1996
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