Komplettlösung Stonekeep

15. Head south. Three Throgs are wandering around the passage. Kill 'em all as you get to the wall, then turn west to the wall, then south 12 squares, then east. Ignore the southern passage for now. Time to go get another rune; walk east + take your first left. Walk north to the wall, west to the wall, north to the wall, east and take your first left. Decimate the Throg + pick up the dowel he drops. Now go back south, west to the wall, south two squares, and east one square. Don't open the door yet; turn to face the north wall + find the hole. Put the wooden dowel in it; then go in. You'll find super heal roots + a flame column rune scroll.

Now exit the room, walk west back to the corridor, and south to the wall, east one square, south four squares, then turn east + walk to the wall. Turn north and walk to the wall. Then turn east again. Some Throgs will ALMOST attack you, but then run off - waiting in ambush. Big plan. Anyway, keep going east; when they attack you, take 'em out. Take your second left and walk north. Watch out for the two tough Throgs that come at you. After getting by their little alcove, take your first right. Go through the door + waste the bodyguard. Now exit back to the north-south passage and continue north four squares. Turn east, go through the door + waste the second bodyguard. Now exit back to the north-south corridor again and go two squares south.

Turn east + go through the door. Walk all the way into the room, then IMMEDIATELY get in the sub-shaman's face and waste him. Don't let him get time to start casting spells! Pick up his dagger, and check the rubble to find a shield scroll. Now exit back to the corridor; walk north to the wall, then turn east + go through the door. Follow the twisting little room in, and, once again, get RIGHT IN THE GUY'S FACE. This is the head honcho shaman, and he is NOT nice. Kill him and pickup his pendant and runecaster (yep, now you've got 3 of 'em). Check the rubble piles to find an Energy Bolt rune scroll. Now exit back to the corridor and head south. Stop one square before you reach the south wall; note the BIG Throg standing around the corner?

I suggest you get ready; he's tough. Take the south step, turn quick, and go in, all guns blazing (so to speak). (He, by the way, was summoned when you walked into the sub-shaman's room, but if you hadn't done that, you'd have to deal with both the shaman AND the sub-shaman at the same time!) Once he's dead, head west and take your first right.

16. Now that you're at this nice door, use the pendant on it to open it. Head through to the north, straight up the middle (waste the two Throg guards that are patrolling). By the way, since they ARE tough, if you aren't using my UGE module to set your characters to some insane number of hit points, this would probably be a good time to use Aquilla's Orb-if used on your party, twice per region (i.e. unexplored map) it can completely heal them. So waste the guards, then continue north to kill the last guard. Walk all the way north to the statue. Take the RED eye of the statue (ha, ha, very funny Wahooka - keep an eye out for the god of the temple); it's the Orb of Azrael.

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  • Release: 01.03.1996
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