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The gate is locked. Look around the walls for a keyhole. Use first the gold key, then the silver key on it. The porticullis unlocks. Go north, then around to the right. Check that alcove on the right; touching it recharges all your runecasters. Now continue north and then west 1, then north 1. The door is locked. You've probably heard a fairy or two say Roses down, twice around before. Put a primrose down, then back up one and walk around the 3 by 3 square (west, south, east, north) twice. The door will open. Go on through and walk up to the altar - to meet the Queen of Fairies, who heals all your wounds. When she mentions the portrait, hand her the one Chuckle just did to get a Luckstone ring. Then listen to her first story.

She's tired now, so it's time to go do more good deeds. Go back to the spot marked Winkle . Walk in and give him the book. Let's see - you now have jester's caps, fairy shirt, fairy pants, luckstone ring. You're up to 80%. And the LAST Troll-defense item is right next to the one Troll you HAVE to kill - so, let's go get him! Walk back through the porticullis into the Troll realm south to the wall, then east to the wall, south 1, east to the wall, north 1, east to the wall, south 1, east 1, south (waste the trolls and REMEMBER THE SPIKE TRICK! Pound it into the ground to keep them from teleporting!) to the wall, west 1, south 1, west 1, south 1, west (when you become paralyzed, use the Spoilspell rune to cancel it) to the wall, north 1, west to the wall, north 1, west 1, turn north + root through the flowers to grab the horseshoe.

Put it on Drake - he is now immune to Troll damage! Turn around, walk back out of the alcove, and face west to fight THE TERRIBLE TROLL. This could take a while; he's not very nice. When you finally kill him, he drops The Orb of Yoth-Soggoth (okay, who's the wiseass who ripped off H.P.Lovecraft? Sort of, that is. Lovecraft's god name is Yog-Sothoth). Now continue west to the wall, go south to the wall, west to the wall, south 1, west to the wall (take the decanter if you want), south 1 (ignore the will o'wisp), west to the wall (take the mushrooms along the way), then north to the wall to find a bunch of flowers, red mushrooms, and another runecaster-the Elfwand. Cool. You'll need it, believe me. You're done here, so walk all the way back (ignore Will O' Wisps) to the Queen of Fairies. She'll tell you another story. Walk out and return in 30 seconds for a third story.

Walk out and return in 30 seconds for a fourth story - and a magical pendant which you'll need later. Take it, of course, and put it on. Thank whoever, that is the END of the Fairy Realm! Remove the fairy stuff + put your real armor back on again (yes, this includes the Jester's cap you stuck on Skuz's head) Go back to where you started this crazy level to warp back to the Dragon Feeding Grounds, Upper Level. NOW, we go get Karzak again.

24. Go to that passage to the Dwarven Fortress on the Lower Level. There? Good. From the entrance, go south through the door, take your left through the gates, east to the wall, south to the wall, east and take your first right, south to the wall, east 1, south three, west into the room, then go talk to the dwarf - it's Karzak, who'll rejoin the party. Exit back out to the Feeding Grounds. (Skuz will rejoin you once more). Now go to the Upper Level of the Dragon Feeding Grounds, and walk up to that spot marked ICE on the map. Turn east and go through the door - into the Ice Caverns. Also known as Level 9. Now, DO NOT KILL ANY SHARGAS ON THIS LEVEL!

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  • Release: 01.03.1996
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