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They're the Ice Shargas, and, believe it or not, they're good guys. So when you walk through the door, walk up to - but don't attack - the Sharga. (POINT OF NOTE: The Ice Caverns are frigid, and do 1-2 points of damage to party members every 30 seconds or so. You'll need magical protection-which unfortunately, requires you to get something first. Wonderful. Just keep an eye on your health meters + heal up when things look bad) Follow the Sharga when he finishes talking. Turn north up the corridor and go talk to Kandoc, the Ice Sharga King. After he finishes, turn west + go three spaces (do NOT walk up to the Sharga ahead - he's a healer, and will heal all damage, but he only does it once an hour, so unless you're in bad shape, don't do it), then turn north and go talk to the Advisor.

He tells you about different fire. Great. Now back out, take 2 steps east, and turn north to talk to Gorza. Hmmm. He needs scrolls. No problem - yeah, right. You're getting cold, so let's move out. Back out, go 1 east, south to the wall, east to the wall, south 2, west to the wall, south to the wall, west 2, north 1, west 2 (kill the Ice Witches with Firebolts), south to the wall, east 1, south to the wall, west to the wall, south to the wall, east to the wall, north 1, east to the wall, north 1, east 2 (mark this spot with an X ), south 2, east (and don't attack the Sharga. He's gone nuts. Use the curing rune on him to heal his insanity, and he'll tell you about an ice hammer). Keep going east to the wall, then north 1, east to the wall, turn north + kill the Ice Witches, north to the wall, west to the wall, north three squares, turn west. Hammer the wall a couple times to break it and clear the debris.

Punch the snowpile a couple times to find a magic chain-mail skirt, an ice hammer, and a rune scroll with a Circleward spell on it. Hmmm-a fire trap. Might be useful. Now turn back north and continue north to the wall, east 1, north four squares, and turn east. Punch the snow pile to find the parchment. Okay, RACE back to that guy who wanted the scroll. Give the parchment to him, and you'll get an Ice Bolt scroll AND a Warming Rune Scroll! FINALLY! Inscribe it on a runecaster, then inscribe the Duration Metarune over it. Cast it, and you're immune to the Cold damage for 15 minutes. Great! Oh yeah, you get a couple others, too, but you already have those (Armor rune, Ball Meta-rune).

25. Now head back to that spot marked X on the map. Continue east to the wall this time, then go north to the wall, and west to the wall. Note the frozen Dwarf. Use the warming rune to thaw him out. It's Nigel Hardstone, Karzak's clan brother. Note he knows your name - without you ever telling him what it is! (That's not important, just a silly plot hole) Follow the Dwarf west to the alcove. After his little spiel (and when he takes off), bash open the north wall of the alcove. Go on through to the north wall, turn west 1, then north. A skeleton. When you step up to him to fight, however, since you have that magic pendant from the Fairy Queen (you DID save that, didn't you???), the skeleton collapses into a pile of bones.

Cool. Now go east 1, north 2, west 1, pick up the Magic Armor Rings and the Magic Chainmail Shirt, then look north. Hmm. Blue fire? Grab it. And listen closely. Don't put it down. Inventory is okay, but don't put it down. It'll melt! This is called Coldfire, and it's the only thing that can make the Ice Queen vulnerable. Excellent! Okay, now back all the way out of this secret chamber to that place that Nigel just showed you. Head west 2, south 1, west to the wall, north 3, east to the wall, north to the wall, west 1, north to the wall, east to the wall, south to the wall, east to the wall (Karzak will give a warning, then three cave-ins will happen behind you so keep moving), north 1, and east up to the frozen elf.

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  • Release: 01.03.1996
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