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Thaw him out. A conversation takes place; Karzak gets warped back home, and Enigma the Elflord (who recognizes the Fairy Queen's Pendant) joins your party. Elf or no elf, this guy is one cool customer. Now turn around, go back west, 1 south, west (hack through the cave-ins) to the wall, north 2, east 2, north to the wall, east to the wall, north 2, west 3, north to the Ice Sharga king. He sees the Coldfire and goes nuts, telling you you can now kill the Ice Queen. Great. Now he shows you a secret passage - bash at it a couple times (that ice hammer you found works great), then go north to the wall, east to the wall, 2 north, east to the wall, 2 north, 2 east, 1 north, then east to the wall - and bash IT with the hammer to break through!

Turn north + kill the Ice Witch. Now go north 1, east 2, south 1, east 1. Stop right here. If you look up ahead around the corner to the left, you can see what looks like an aerobics babe. This is the Ice Queen. Here's a nasty method of dealing with her problem. Grab a runecaster with a high charge. Inscribe the Warming rune on it, then inscribe the Ball, Power x3, and Duration Metarunes on it. Cast the spell (it'll cost about 8 Mana Points, but it's worth it!) and your entire party is now immune to all Cold damage for 15 minutes, which is all the Ice Queen uses. Kinda mean to these bad guys, aren't I? Take one step east, and walk one north. She'll go through her little speech. Then use the Coldfire on her.

Boy, does that make her mad! She starts teleporting around and attacking - and your entire party is immune to it! (Insert mad scientist's laughter here) Just keep hacking or blasting away whenever she's in front of you, preferably with a fire spell. When she finally goes down, pick up Helion's Orb. Once you pick it up, you're completely immune to cold attacks. Nice, huh? Go one north and blast the chair with a firebolt. Drink the remains (No, seriously. It'll heal you). Pick up the scroll and read it. Now turn around and head due south. Waste any ice witches that attack you-they can't hurt you any more anyway. A secret door has opened here - walk on through it - to the Gate Of The Ancients .

26. Welcome to the Gate of the Ancients. Guess what! There are NO monsters on this level at ALL! So put all your weapons away. Really. I'm not kidding. There ARE, however, some of the most ridiculous puzzles in the game on this level. There is also Safrinni's Orb, the last and most powerful runecaster, and - well, you'll find out. Occasionally, you'll see signs. Click the Look icon on 'em. If Enigma says Sorry, I can't read it , it's meaningless - don't waste a Language rune on it. Exceptions will be noted (if there are any). And yes, you'll finally get to use that Duck Rune. Here we go. Note that a lot of this is unnecessary, but helpful (gets you some very useful armor + stuff)

Excuse me if I degenerate into ogre-language; there's a lot to cover, and this file is already over 60K of text. North to wall. West, take right, mark spot as BACK 1 , north, take first left, 1 square west. Look north, push button. 1 west, 1 south, push button, 1 north, 2 west, 1 north, pull handle down. Mark spot as TELEPORT SWITCHER . Return to BACK 1 . West to wall, north 1, west 4, south to bodies. Punch bodies, take arrows. North 2, east 2, south to campfire, use icebolt on fire. Take scare rune scroll. North, take 1st left, west to wall, north to wall, west 1, north to wall, east 1, north to wall, east 1, north to body. Punch body, take stone, Poison Resist Ring, Throg Shaman feathers.

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.03.1996
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