Komplettlösung Stonekeep

There'll be an alcove on your right. Smash the barrel in it to get three heal roots. Go to the intersection. Follow the corridor around to the left. Ignore the door you'll see to the south; you can't open it. Go around the square and take the passage that heads east. Go east until you see a passage south. Go through that door. You're in a four-door room (you can't get through the south door from either direction, by the way). Go through the west door. Kick the sharga's butt. I suggest you run past the Shagra to the north wall, or else he'll try to get a super heal root that's in a hidden brick there. If you block him from that, he'll go down faster, and you'll have a super heal root. On the table is your journal - grab it.

Then unlock the south door with the brass key and go south. Waste the five Shargas that come after you. Take their heal roots (I also collect swords from these guys, for no particular reason. I think at one point I had about sixty of them). Now, move to a square on the map that is 4 south and 1 east of the door you came through from the room with the journal. Face south and check the wall. You'll find a heal root. Now go north, then east, and turn south again. Check the hidden brick and pull the lever. Go 2 west, one north, and face west. Go in the secret room and find a blue heal potion, a green agility gain potion, and a cure potion, plus another oil bomb. Now go south until you hear a fire crackling. Turn west and proceed to the fire.

Search the fire twice (you'll take a few points of fire damage, but find two Firedaggers). Now dump one of your potions you don't mind losing on the fire to put it out. Kill the Sharga that's beyond it, and search the chest to find another agility gain potion and a strength gain potion. Exit and turn right at the corridor. Go three south, six east, and then turn north.

4. Kill the Shargas. Keep going north to the end of the hall. Go east one square, then turn north and go into the room. There are four barrels. Smash 'em all. In one, you'll find a drunk Sharga. This guy is hillarious; he's harmless, and keeps hiccuping. Kill him if you want; it's hardly necessary. Behind another barrel is a hammer you can use as a weapon. Exit the room, go back to the corridor, and go east. At the square just east of the next passage north, check the north wall to find the hidden Health potion bottle. Then keep going east to the kitchen. Whack one of the sacks; ants will start attacking. You've got to waste six of 'em.

When the last one dies, check its body to find a bronze key. Head back west; ignore the passage to the north. Go to the end of the hall, turn north, walk to the wall, and turn west again. Go west, and turn south at the first intersection. Unlock that door with the bronze key. Kill the two Sharga leaders (easier said than done; they're a lot tougher than the others). One has a steel key, and the other has the Orb of Afri. This orb is pretty useful; when you put it on the ground and wait a second, it projects a map of your surroundings, including moving dots for all live monsters, and also shows all secret rooms. Just don't lose it! Take the scroll from the bookcase. There's a hidden brick in the west wall with a super heal root, and a hidden brick with a lever on the south wall.

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.03.1996
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