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28. West 1, north to wall (through porticullis again), west 1, north to wall, west to wall, north 1, west through door to wall, south 1, west to wall, south 3, west through illusionary wall to real wall, south and jump in pit. Walk to spot marked BACK 2 , east to ladder, climb ladder. East 3, north to wall, west 1. DEACTIVATE Featherfall rune, if still in effect (cast Spoilspell on party to do so) and jump in pit. You take damage, but a door opens to the north. Go north 2, west 1 to recharge runecasters. East 1, north 2, east 1 and pick up Safrinni's Orb. Examine signs on walls using Language rune. Scourge, huh? Hmmm. You'll meet HIM on the next level. Now go back to the square where you picked up the orb. Turn to face west. Click the new orb on Drake. As soon as you reach the top of the pit, step forward.

North 1, west to wall, south through 1 - way door to wall, west to wall, south 3, west through illusionary wall to real wall, south + jump in pit (no need for Feather Fall any more; the Orb does it for you!). Walk to spot marked BACK 2 , east to ladder, climb ladder. East 3, north 1, east 2, south to pit and jump in. Walk to spot marked BACK 3 . West to wall, face south. Click Safrinni's Orb on Drake. When you reach the top walk forward through illusionary wall. East 1, north 2, west 1, north 6 (clickplate does nothing), east 1 (take ancient, magical armor helm breastplate, leggings). West 1, north to door. Use orb key (sturdy key) to unlock it. Go through - but do NOT step into that gate thing yet.

East 1 through illusionary wall, north 1, west 1 through illusionary wall, north through door. Pick up silver runestaff, three super heal potions. South 1, east 1 through illusionary wall, south 1, west through illusionary wall, face north - and step through the Gate to the Palace Of Shadows . See, that wasn't so hard, now was it? Yeah, right. Oh yeah - and NOW, you're in trouble. Yes, we've only got two levels to go. No, it's not going to be easy - at ALL!

29. A word about the Palace of Shadows - it's divided in halves, east and west. Creatures in the western half are real , while creatures in the eastern half will be shadowy reflections of their opposites. Therefore, watch out on BOTH sides. Okay. Ready? Good. Walk all the way north to the north wall; notice the walls start closing behind you. Hope you're not claustrophobic. Walk all the way to the north wall, then go one step east. You'll get a warning from Thera. Take one more step east, turn north, and walk through the illusory wall. Take the four heal potions. Go back south1, then west 4, turn north, and go through another illusory wall for more heal potions.

Arm as many party members as you can with Daggers of Penetration. Take 1 step south, 2 west, 1 south. Walls close behind you, and a couple floating skulls come after you. Kill 'em if you want, but if you wait too long, more show up - and these are NOT nice creatures. Use magic at long range and the Daggers of Penetration (or a magic throwing axe) for up-close + personal combat. Head 2 south, then 1 east. Look around for a Yin symbol on the wall. Take it. Now go 1 west, 2 south, 1 east, 4 south. Turn and face the dark mirror on the wall. You can step through it to teleport, but you'll lose some Strength temporarily (so don't OVER use it!). Step through it now. Go north 4 (watch out for Shadowskulls that may be flying around here), east 1, north 2, west 1.

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
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  • Release: 01.03.1996
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